August 2019 Tarotscopes

Lindsay O’Brien

Tarotscopes mix elements of Tarot and astrology to create an immersive reading for each sign, based on both planetary alignment and knowledge of the cards.


March 21 — April 19

Ten of Wands

There was a major element of chaos for you during the month of July, and in an effort to regain some semblance of control, you may have taken on much more than you’re capable of doing on your own. Mars enters Virgo on August 18, asking you to take a long, hard look at whether you’re doing too much for the right reasons. Fiery Aries responds well to praise for a job well done, striving for perfection on all levels and the recognition that comes with it. It’s natural for you to take on as much as you can, to put yourself in the position of being the right person for the job at any time, no matter the cost. This instinct is largely selfless, until it becomes a matter of keeping up appearances as the “superhero.” 

Wands are a fiery suit, too, charging forward like the ram with the best of intentions in an effort to create a better world. But this constant movement begets periods of slowing down, of reconciling with the fact that you’re human with human needs. Mercury makes its way into Virgo on August 29, the peak of calm communication, allowing you the vulnerability to admit you can’t do it alone and making space for the helpers in your circle to come in and carry the load.


April 20 — May 20


The sun we saw rising in the distance on the Temperance card in last month’s reading is high and bright in the sky during August and shining its light on you, Taurus. Think of that old, familiar song lyric, “I can see clearly now the rain is gone / I can see all obstacles in my way.” This clarity of the mind will keep you open to change, because you can now see what is working for you and what isn’t in a way that motivates you to keep it moving. Uranus retrograde in your sign begins August 11, making it your number one priority to do what you can to get comfortable again. The child we see on this card, totally free of the inhibitions we gain as we get older, is content to soak up the most pure and simple of gifts life has to offer. The needs of a child, to be loved, fed, clothed, entertained, taught, supported — this represents where the Taurus finds the most comfort and joy. If the pursuit of the material has left you feeling empty, The Sun puts a spotlight on the path back to what truly feeds your spirit. 


May 21 — June 20

Queen of Cups

You feel and see all, you love fiercely and experience pain deeply. Last month’s Death card was an indication of closing the book on an old way of life, and the Queen of Cups wants you to see that what hasn’t killed you has turned you into an absolute powerhouse. Intensity of feeling and motivation to act on it are aligning for you this month, Gemini. Self-love becomes selflessness, creation becomes community, and you’re constantly breaking the mold on what it means to be a leader. What you’ve been through in this life, good and bad, has set you up to be someone that people need to see as an example of what it means to survive and thrive. Venus enters Virgo on August 21, allowing you to strategically channel this rush of feelings into being a beacon of light for others, keeping your cup full while you devote your attention to those who need you most.


June 21 — July 22


The Tower, along with The Devil and Death cards, can be initially frightening in both imagery and interpretation. This can be especially true for a Cancer who would prefer to ride the wave instead of creating a new one. How can you find power in an image so violent? The lightning strikes the tower; sudden upheaval leads to revelation, relief, and release. The reality of this card is the absolute freedom to build something new, stronger and better than before. The cycles we stick with the longest are the hardest to break and abrupt, decisive action works best. Follow the instinct that burning it all down will serve you better than continuing to build on something that harms you or holds you back. Uranus retrograde in Taurus on August 11 ushers you into a period of progress and innovation of the self. Even in the face of your natural instinct to stay comfortable in your hard shell, the light will shine on what truly serves to advance you in life, what propels you forward, and where you have grown too comfortable. Let the tower fall, and fill that space with a life you’ve only dreamed of living.


July 23 — August 22


The sun shines in your sign this month, Leo, bringing to all of those gorgeous, larger than life qualities that make you who you are the forefront. Living out loud comes naturally to a Leo, but the real work is happening behind the scenes this month. Our emotions, intuition, dreams, impulses — this is your magic, and it’s ruled by that big, crazy, beautiful moon. Your most primal instincts are coming into play, and while you soak up the sunshine during this Leo season, the most profound change is happening from within. July’s reading of The Fool card asked you what life would look like if you had nothing to fear and no one to answer to but yourself. The Moon is an extension of that imaginative line of thinking, but requires you to be creative in how you can apply this freedom in a real way. You’ll always be the star of the show, but you are responsible for dreaming up new ways to keep it exciting. Mercury moves into your sign on August 11, letting you tap into your magic and speak those big dreams into existence with all of the confidence of the royalty you are.


August 23 — September 22

Eight of Cups

Cups represent energy, how we give and receive it, what’s worth our time and isn’t, how things hurt or help us without being conscious of it. We see the figure in this card walking away from the eight cups, but given the space in the top row, we can assume this figure knows there is room for more and feels comfortable embarking on the journey to look for it. Virgos are the ultimate mutable earth sign, grounded by the ability to stay objective and flexible in your thinking, deeply analytical and dedicated to curiosity. You’re pledging to walk away from what doesn’t serve you even if you have no idea where you’re going to next. This is bravery. Over the course of this month as the sun moves into your sign on August 23, there’s cosmic shift from letting the chaos of life take you over into running in the face of fear because you trust your instinct to protect you. Ever a student of life, you’re setting yourself up to shine.


September 23 — October 22

Knight of Cups

Life is certainly not a fairy tale, but the Knight of Cups wants you to lean all the way in to the fantasy this month. Venus is in Leo until August 21, giving you the freedom to love large and dream wildly without thinking twice. In stories, the knight is the romantic peak, charging into the face of danger and the unknown, saving the day and capturing the heart. What would you charge into with all the freedom and confidence in the world; and what do you really have to lose by trying now? Jupiter, the planet of fortune and expansion, stations direct on August 11, loosening your ironclad grip on practicality. Leo season is all about making big moves with a big heart. You have more than enough room to think that big right now, giving you time to get creative before the analytical new moon in Virgo on August 30 requires you to iron out the little details. 


October 23 — November 21

Ace of Wands

August moves like a bullet train of possibility for you, Scorpio, and the pure energy of creation follows you wherever you go. July’s Mercury retrograde allowed you to retreat inside and take inventory of where you are and where you’d like to be without punishing yourself for the difference between the two. You’ve made the space for it, and the Ace of Wands signifies an opportunity to throw total, uninhibited passion behind what you’re being called to do. Things you’ve put on the back burner, projects you’ve put down for now but haven’t forgotten about, wild ideas that nag at you time and time again— now is the time to show the world what you can no longer hide. Mercury is in Leo until August 28, granting you the confidence to make bold gestures and express yourself freely with the “oomph” you need to back it up. You’ll be so completely invigorated by the joy that comes with the beginnings of building something new, and this energy will allow you to work harder on these passion projects than you ever have before. 


November 22 — December 21

Seven of Swords

You’re naturally clever, sweet Sag, and your talent for quick-thinking has gotten you out of a pickle more than once. But short-term thinking rarely breeds long-term results, and the Seven of Swords needs you to really ask yourself if you’ve been building the strongest foundation to stand on. It isn’t recklessness so much as survival instinct, but you have to believe you’re equipped with better tools than you think you are. July’s Six of Coins asked you what it means to be fully generous of spirit, and that includes the vulnerability required to ask for help when you need it. Mercury enters Virgo on August 29, helping you to verbalize exactly what you need from others to alleviate the pressure, and the new moon in Virgo on August 30 will show you that careful planning will serve you better than constantly making choices on the fly.


December 22 — January 19

Page of Swords

The Page of Swords has all the desire in the world to embark on whatever grand adventure awaits them, but caution brought on by a lack of experience keeps them from ever making the first step. This creates tension for you, because you’ve spent the last few months doing everything you can to get back to the point of feeling in control, and the world around you looks pretty much the same. If you’re finding it difficult to trust your situation, you might find it’s because you’re not really trusting the growth that’s happening inside, where you can’t see it. Uranus retrograde in Taurus begins August 11, and you’ll find power in your discomfort — allowing you to turn inward and look honestly at exactly what’s holding you back. 


January 20 — February 18


The Aquarius constantly dreams of a better and brighter world, and your best thinking is done when you seek refuge in solitude. July’s card, The Hanged Man, asked you to detach from your routine reality and get creative in your thinking. There is a profound difference between being alone and loneliness, and you’ve tapped into the ability to listen to your heart above all the noise around you. The Hermit has chosen this vantage point, shining a light from above in order to see all of the moving parts. This isn’t a figure lonely with no one to turn to, it’s someone who’s put in the work to find the strength to guide their own way without outside influence. There is a full moon in your sign on August 15, and your evolution continues with your observations. This is what wisdom looks like, and it’s a level of maturity that can only be reached if you make the effort. You’re the strongest person on your team.


February 19 — March 20


There’s a big, beautiful light inside of you and it’s getting brighter with every single moment you spend learning to treat yourself with love and kindness. The Star follows The Tower in tarot, indicating the healing that comes after a period of strife. Venus enters Virgo on August 21, a true celebration of your devotion to the work you’ve been doing inside and out. You’ve been moving mountains to get here, and The Star gives you a moment to regenerate and breathe it all in. You can trust this period of optimism because you’ve earned it. If you think of The Star in this case as Polaris, something constant in the sky no matter where you stand, you can always return to this moment and draw strength when you begin to doubt the greatness you’re capable of achieving. 

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