A Note On The Coronavirus Outbreak — March Hiatus

The culture and lifestyle content that Cinnamon publishes is meant to enrich and broaden our lives. It’s meant to supplement and add color when society is functioning normally — it doesn’t feel right to be publishing when the country is shutting down in an effort to protect the most vulnerable among us. As the rest of the nation enters quarantine, Cinnamon will be on hiatus for the rest of March. This was a difficult decision, as many other leaders and business owners have articulated better than me, but in the end, also incredibly easy.

In my opinion, our focus needs to be on helping uplift one another and staying healthy, not on creating our consuming cultural content. If your income is stable, please consider purchasing gift cards or other digital products to support those who can no longer earn a living. If you’re no longer able to earn a living, my heart goes out to you and I‘m hoping and praying our country will come together to provide for those who are struggling. Cinnamon is also an unpaid labor of love for me right now, and my labor needs to go toward making sure I can pay my own bills in a shifting climate. Thanks so much for being a fan of our work and hopefully we can resume in April. Updates will come as we get them.

Stay safe, stay home, and be kind.

Caitlin White
Cinnamon Founder + Editor-in-Chief

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