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Happy New Year!

Two Of Wands | Two Of Swords

It’s 2022! The new year brings an energy of “new beginnings.” We make resolutions to create better habits, achieve bigger goals, to set ourselves up for some type of self-improvement. While those ideals are set with good intentions, they often miss some pretty fundamental truths.

The first is that we all have another year of life under our belts, and that in itself is a huge accomplishment. And while I do believe that we aim to “do better,” we are also allowed to love and celebrate ourselves exactly where we are. We can want to take care of our bodies without needing to change them. We can want to feel more financially secure without shaming ourselves for not being “successful” enough. We can allow ourselves to dream big while still having gratitude for what we’ve already built.

The Two of Wands and the Two Of Swords are both cards of introspection. The Two Of Wands asks us to be okay with transition. We may not have it all figured out and that’s okay. Be with and appreciate all that has landed you here. Let the future unfold organically.

The Two Of Swords is all about shutting out the noise and trusting your own intuition. In the context of this reading, I feel this card is also telling us that we don’t have to succumb to the outside pressure of constantly keeping up.

You know yourself. You know the pace that works for you. You know how to care for your mind, body and spirit. And that doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s way.

You can validate yourself just fine.

Let this new year be one where you allow yourself more grace. Where you honor your boundaries. Where you learn how to feel more at peace within the chaos of life. Perhaps your goals can be less about accomplishments and more about building an incredible relationship with yourself.

I have no doubt you’re already on the way. Cheers to a fantastic year with ourselves.

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