Cinnamon Girl: Alyssa Caverley

Philip Cosores

Cinnamon Girl is a series of profiles on the people who are helping bring this project into being — aka your chance to get to know the early members of this blossoming collective. The title is an homage to the Neil Young song, but we’ll update it for boys, non-binary and all other preferred gender presentations.

1. Hi, what’s your name?

My name is Alyssa Caverley.

2. How are you involved in Cinnamon?

I am the host of the Cinnamon’s career podcast called 80 On The Dollar and a (soon-to-be) contributor for editorial content.

3. Wow, what a cool talent! When did you first get interested in that?

I have always been interested in storytelling and media. I started out as a journalist and producer for both television and digital, creating my own formats when there was a gap in the narrative. I’ve never really wanted to work for someone else or create content that I didn’t have control over, so I’m constantly trying new creative endeavors, hoping it will resonate with people.

4. Can you tell me about the food and drink you like to put into your body?

I am a carb addict! Love pizza and pasta, but try not to eat too much of it. I am constantly failing when it comes to pizza though! My go-to drink would be white wine and prosecco! I’ve been trying to be conscious about what I put in my body. Throughout my 20s, I didn’t think twice about the food I was eating, but as I get further into my 30s, I’m more aware of how foods affect my body and what works and what doesn’t. It’s still a bit of a struggle, but I try everyday to eat more consciously.

5. Can you tell me about the kind of art and literature you like to put into your brain?

I tend to consume a lot of news, which can be very depressing right now. I try to use art and literature as an escape. I wish I could list a bunch of very prestigious and culturally-relevant artists, but it would be a bit disingenuous. Right now, I’ve been reading a lot of crime and thriller novels to escape the realities of the world. I used to be more of a film buff, but have since gotten away from films a little bit. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, some of my favorites include, The Daily, This American Life, Criminal, and Slow Burn. In terms of art, I have been really into minimalist female artist and have some across some amazing ones online.

6. How do you like to care for yourself?

Self-care is a huge buzzword right now and I think it can be taken to extremes, but overall, it’s a positive. I try to practice self-care in many ways, including allowing myself some quiet time every evening to decompress with a face mask and lavender oils in my diffuser (I create a “zen” space in my bedroom). I also try to work out at least 4-5 times a week (that can sometimes be a struggle, especially if I’m not in a great mental space) and it always makes me feel better — get those endorphins going!

7. In your dream world, how would you spend the majority of your time?

I would travel the world and take in as many different cultures as I can!

8. Tell me about a living creature you’ve had a lot of love for that wasn’t a human, or about your favorite plant.

My dog Benji! He now lives with my parents. I rescued him while I was doing my masters degree at the University of Missouri and he rode with me on my 35 hour car ride from Missouri to Los Angeles. He has such a fun attitude and everyone who meets him wants to take him home. Guess my parents won that contest. I try to visit as much as possible and always get so excited when I get to see him again. He’s much happier living in the country with my parents, but I miss him everyday.

9. Speaking of the L word, what does love mean to you?

That’s such a loaded question and I think I am still trying to figure it out everyday. I don’t think I have an — hopefully by the end of my life, I’ll be able to definitively answer it. I feel like love is a work in progress and its meaning is constantly changing as we grow and find out more about ourselves.

10. What were you like when you were a little kid?

I was a perfectionist and very specific about what I looked like and how I presented myself. My outfits always had to match (literally match, purple on purple, blue on blue, pink on pink) and my hair always had to be perfect. My mom didn’t want to constantly do my hair because I always wanted it done a certain way. I was 7-years-old when I taught myself how to french braid my own hair. Determined would be a good word too, I guess.

11. Where do you live now and why did that place call out to you?

I live in Los Angeles, California. I originally moved to LA because I wanted to be an entertainment journalist and interview celebrities on the red carpet. I succeeded for a short time and realized I actually hated the lifestyle. Shortly afterwards, I became a travel journalist and started traveling the world, but always came back to my home in LA. I have finally found my place in this big city and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

12. Tell me about your personal style and how dressing your body is part of your life.

My personal style is relaxed and classic. I don’t experiment much with fashion, but I always like to look put together. I try to go for simplistic styles that are timeless. A black tee is my favorite go-to item — so versatile and you can dress it up or just wear it casual, but I think it always looks put together. I also love a good knee-length cardigan — I wear one almost every day. Is that boring?

13. Tell me about a record that changed your life.

I agonized over this question, skipped over it, and I finally decided to just be honest instead of letting it unnecessarily stress me out.  I don’t have one. 

14. Tell me about a person you admire with your whole heart.

There are so many people I admire for different reasons. The first person who comes to mind for me is my dad. He has endless patience and is able to ground me in any situation I’ve encountered. He keeps a level head and always seems to have the answers. I find as I get older, I enjoy my conversations with him more and more. I am someone who panics when faced with stress or crisis, but my dad has always been the one to make that panic go away. I don’t know many people who have this same calming aura and I honestly have no idea how he does it… especially living with my mother (jokes!). You know the phrase “grace under pressure,” well that’s my dad. I hope as I get older I continue to become more like him.

15. Tell me about a time you showed resilience and grace, even if it was tough.

This is something I am constantly working on and I’m not sure how well I am succeeding.  One instance that comes to mind is a time I was fired from a job because a co-worker was threatened by a new role I had at the company. I think she thought I would take her job, which was not the case.  It was traumatic to say the least. I thought many times of sending a scathing email to the CEO of the company (someone I knew and had interacted with) explaining the situation.  I had written it many times in my head, but decided ultimately to “go high when they go low.”  I still think about it a lot and it still haunts (and hurts) me, but I’m glad I decided to just accept what happened, realize it says more about them than it does me, and move on.  It was tough, but I took the high road. 

16. Who is your favorite rapper? (Oh yeah? Name five of their albums! JK, continue.)

Uhhh… music is not my strong suit. I really like Lizzo and Daya right now (not sure if that counts, but it’s my answer and I’m sticking to it!).

17. What is the best skincare or makeup item you’ve ever encountered?

Tea tree oil!! It’s inexpensive and perhaps not all that exciting, but it has done wonders for my skin. It’s natural too (although you really have to get used to the smell!)

18. What is your favorite place to visit?

My parents have a house on the east coast of Canada on Prince Edward Island. It is slow and quiet and idyllic. I try to visit every summer because I feel like it’s the only place I can truly relax and forget about the everyday stresses going on in my life.

19. Who in your family are you the most like or closest to? (If it’s no one, pick someone else relationally close and describe why you’re similar or have a close relationship.)

I am most like my mom — for better and for worse. She is a strong person and I love her for a lot of the values and sense of independence she has instilled in me. There are certain aspects of her that I inherited that I am working on improving to become the best version of myself. But yeah, I see a lot of my mom in how I act and view the world.

20. Is there life on Mars?


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