Listen To That Voice Deep Within Yourself Saying: ‘I Am Worthy Of Joy’

Ashes & Earth

  The monthly tarot calendar is a collaboration with Ashes and Earth Tarot.

Remember Who You Are 

July — Nine Of Cups | Four of Cups 

The Nine of Cups comes when we are unsure of what we want and how we feel. Each of us is trying to grapple with our current reality. Restrictions are lifting in some places and doubling down in others. We are trying to heal from a global crisis while so many are still actively in it.  We are both excited and exhausted. This summer feels like the strangest combination of FOMO and PTSD.  

You have every right to be both hopeful and hesitant. A lot of trust has been broken. We have been let down repeatedly by the people and systems that are supposed to keep us safe. This  time feels very much like the moment you realize that your parents, teachers and idols are just as flawed, lost and scared as you are. They are people. No better, no smarter, no more capable  than you. 

While this may feel unsettling, it is also empowering. Yes, in many ways you are on your own.  But you have everything you need. The Four of Cups is all about learning your personal  boundaries. It’s about familiarizing yourself with what is a “yes” and a “no” for you. And being  able to do so without apologies.  

Self-empowerment is your birthright. And it is needed most in times of great uncertainty.  

Remember who you are. Before you were told you weren’t enough. Before you were made to  feel your dreams were too big — or too small. Remember.  

Listen to that voice deep within yourself saying I am. I am worthy of getting my needs met. I  am worthy of taking up space. I am worthy of joy. I am — just as I am — worthy of existing.  

This is your one precious life. Live as closely to your own truth as possible. 

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