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Philip Cosores

On my first trip to Heyday, it occured to me that I didn’t know what a facial… was. A series of face massages? Oils and lotions? A peel? I’d heard the term before, but it was a practice that had always seemed reserved for a generation a bit older than mine — or a bit richer. Skincare wasn’t something my mom particularly prioritized, beyond a couple Mary Kay products here and there, and half-heartedly insisting we wear sunscreen on the sunnier days at the Oregon coast, which were few and far between.

In my late twenties and early thirties, I spent plenty of disposable income on pedicures and manicures, hair treatments, body massages and waxing, and food or drink, but a facial landed like a luxury I could only dream of indulging in. Which is strange, considering it involves something as important as my actual face. For whatever reason, a facial wasn’t quite accessible enough to work into my regular routine — I was sort of nervous to go.

Last summer, in an effort to get my mind and body right, I finally signed up for the Y7 monthly membership and tried to go at least 5x a week during July. Though I wasn’t quite successful in meeting that goal, I did manage to attend more classes than any other student that month, which meant I was awarded the member perk of a free facial at Heyday. Who knows if I would’ve found my way there without this initial bump, but after my first visit I was pretty much hooked.

As for the facial process itself, it was easy enough once I got in the door. You can choose from 30 minutes ($65), 50 minutes ($95) or 75 minutes ($140) for your appointment, and the 50 minute length is the most common. After entering your individual facial cubby — separated from other appointments by thick curtains — you can remove your shoes and lay back on a recliner that feels something like a dentist’s chair, but much cozier. I love to grab the blanket provided and wrap up like a burrito during my session. Sometimes, I almost fall asleep. 

Each appointment starts with a deep cleanse and moves into an exfoliation, which can be followed by extractions if you’re in one of the two longer appointment offerings. Then comes a custom mask selected to suit your particular skin needs, some hydration, and finally, SPF. Before the mask and sunscreen, you can add an enhancement like microdermabrasion, a peel, or light therapy for an additional $35 fee. 

Philip Cosores

Most therapists are clear that these enhancements cost extra, but if you’re unsure, just ask directly to avoid feeling bummed out at the checkout counter. Probably my only critique of Heyday’s service is one of my more money-sensitive friends was talked into an enhancement she didn’t understand added to the cost, and felt a little disappointed by the time she left.

But, overall, what Heyday offers is structure and a continuity of service for the facial experience — a set standard that a local shop might not offer. Sure, going local is great if you already have a relationship with a facialist, or know what you’re looking for, but for someone like me who is pretty new to skincare and still figuring out what I want from it, Heyday was an ideal starting point. There are a host of skin therapists (a Heyday term, one of many) to choose from at each location, and Los Angeles now has two shops — one on Beverly near Fairfax, and one on the west side in Brentwood. 

While I’m holding out for an east side spot, or even something near downtown, my now-monthly appointment gives me an excuse to stack all my other West Hollywood errands on one day. And after booking a couple facials with whoever was free during the time slot that worked with my schedule, I got a recommendation from a friend to see one particular therapist — the one and only Nori. 

Finding Nori is when going to Heyday got really fun for me, because we developed our own relationship. And, as we built a rapport, I was able to be honest with her about my skin concerns, my budget, and what I wanted out of treatments. Like any beauty service, finding someone you can relate to makes the process that much more intimate and personal. If you’re looking to start getting facials at Heyday, I can’t recommend Nori enough, but it’s also wise to try out a couple therapists to find someone you personally connect with. 

After my initial Y7-gifted facial, Heyday asked me to be a part of their Skinsider program (another term), which means I was gifted a free facial to give away to someone else each month, effectively introducing the majority of my friends (and some work colleagues) to the experience. Going to the appointments with friends is fun; we’d catch up on the way there, and zonk out together in relaxed bliss on the way home. Plus, there’s no joy like watching someone else’s face when I told them they were getting a free facial that month.

As is the custom of our time, Heyday also offers a membership plan, which means I eventually signed up for the 50 minute facial membership. Now $89 a month, it also includes perks like $5 off enhancements, 10% off products, and invitations to exclusive events like a recent partnerships with millennial plant shop The Sill, where I took home a young bird’s nest fern fern after spending an hour drinking rosé and learning about plant care tips. We are very happy together. The commitment minimum for a membership is 6 months, so my skin will be glowing until December, at least.

Anyway, if you’re new to facials and still trying to figure out what they mean, how they impact your skin, and whether or not they’re worth the monthly commitment for you and your budget, Heyday is a wonderful place to start. When it comes to your face, $100 a month is not a lot to invest. And the results might end up surprising you — and your friends.

Philip Cosores

To learn more about Heyday and their services go here.

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