Episode 3

April Betts, Owner Of Ciao Bella

Black and white photo of a slender woman in high heels seated at a conference room table in front of a large bank of windows, with an empty Eames office chair pulled out from the table beside her.

Welcome to 80 On The Dollar, a podcast about harnessing feminine energy in the workplace hosted by Alyssa Caverley. On average, women only make 80 cents for every dollar men earn, even when comparing similar roles and experience. Given that statistics, each episode of this podcast will feature a female and/or queer entrepreneur who is leaving their mark on the world.

Ever wonder what it takes to start a food truck business? It’s more complicated than you think. In our third episode, we talk to entrepreneur April Betts of Ciao Bella Granitas who recently started her own food truck selling Italian granitas. She explains what it takes to go from nothing to a fully functioning food truck business. April also discusses how she advertises the food truck, the importance of social media, and how she found the money to finance it in the first place. Plus, her plans for the future and how she wants to expand her business. Listen to the episode below or download the episode here.