Lilian Alves Is The President And Founder Of Beantween Coffee, A Family Company Roasting Gourmet Coffee


Welcome to 80 On The Dollar, a podcast about harnessing feminine energy in the workplace hosted by Alyssa Caverley. On average, women make 80 cents to every man’s dollar and that’s when comparing similar roles and experience. Given the statistics, each episode will feature a female or queer entrepreneur who are leaving their mark on the world. 

This episode features Lilian Alves, the president and founder of coffee roasting company, Beantween Coffee, based in Manhattan Beach. For every online sale, they donate 10% of the proceeds to charity, so you can get your caffeine buzz on and give back at the same time. Lilian describes how her business, family of coffee growers from Brazil, began back in 2017 and is truly a family affair.

She also explains how, as the company grows, she keeps that family-oriented experience with her customers, and gives her advice for people looking to start their own small business. Stream the episode below or download it here. Check out Beantween’s coffee here, and their special collaboration with Soiree Candles here. Follow Beantween on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated.