Episode 5

Mary Arutyunyan, Founder Of MFlorens

Black and white photo of a slender woman in high heels seated at a conference room table in front of a large bank of windows, with an empty Eames office chair pulled out from the table beside her.

Welcome to 80 On The Dollar, podcast about harnessing feminine energy in the workplace hosted by Alyssa Caverley.  On average, women make 80 cents to every man’s dollar and that’s when comparing similar roles and experience. Given the statistics, each episode will feature a female or queer entrepreneur who are leaving their mark on the world. 

In this episode, we talk to Mary Arutyunyan, founder of hair care company MFlorens. We’ve previously covered one of their scalp oils in our Dream Shelf column. Mary explains how her alopecia diagnosis affected every aspect of her life, including her career as a lawyer and her decision to become an entrepreneur. She opens up about her difficult journey trying to find a solution to her hair loss and the importance of organic and natural ingredients while formulating her hair care products. Plus, the “dark side” of wellness and vanity and why self-care is so important. Check out their website and follow the brand on Instagram. Listen to the episode below or download the episode here