Episode 13

How Taylor Swift Redefined Pop, And Her Own Sound, In 2020

Happy New Year, albeit a bit late, and happy final episode of State Of Grace podcast. There’s some pivots coming up in the audio content world of Cinnamon, and more updates on all that is coming very soon. But for now, co-hosts Eric Fulcher and Caitlin White have devoted the final double episode to Taylor Swift’s latest pair of albums, Folklore and Evermore. Their differing perspectives on Taylor is once again a highlight of the conversation — Caitlin has been a fan for Swift’s entire career, Eric has barely ever given her the time of day. And in a year with no concerts and very little else to do but wait out the pandemic, with not just one but two new albums, ignoring her was basically impossible. In an almost two-hour conversation that spans everything from her feud with Kanye to older albums, to the of shifts toward an “indie” approach on these records, the hosts put 2020, and this format, to bed for good.

Listen to this month’s episode below to hear co-hosts Eric Fulcher and Caitlin White discuss the record, or download the episode here.