Episode 11

WizKid’s Sunny New Album ‘Made In Lagos’ Deserves Your Attention

RCA Records

Special Thanksgiving episode! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, why not celebrate by enjoying some new international pop music? On this eleventh episode, Caitlin and Eric try their hand at something relatively new for the show — tastemaking. After hearing WizKid’s new album Made In Lagos, Caitlin was completely taken with the record and wanted to highlight it on the show. Both hosts eventually fell in love with the album, and  decided that doing a show on it was a great way to get the word out on this brilliant Nigerian pop star. Tracing his career from featuring with Drake on “One Dance,” to the cultural moment that was “Brown Skin Girl” with Beyonce and Blue Ivy, they connect the songs on Made In Lagos to what else is going on in the pop world. With plenty of Grammys commentary thrown in for good measure, this episode is designed to give space to an album not enough people are talking about.

Listen to this month’s episode below to hear co-hosts Eric Fulcher and Caitlin White discuss the record, or download the episode here.