Shaz & Kik’s Back To Your Roots Pre-Cleanse Made Detangling Without Conditioner Possible For The First Time Ever

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Dream Shelf is a sneak peek at what clean beauty advocate and Pretty Well Beauty founder Jazmin Alvarez is currently obsessed with. It will include products from her personal holy grail collection, the chicest green packaging out there, and some ingestible beauty too, because quite frankly darling, beauty is an inside job.

As far as beauty junkies go, the thing I’m most particular are hair products.  They are so hard to make both clean and effective for my hair type, so when I first discovered the brand Shaz & Kiks and their debut product Back To Your Roots pre-cleanse ($60), I was intrigued, but apprehensive. The brand was founded and launched just a few weeks ago by two Indian sisters who created this product using traditional Ayurvedic oils, botanicals and flowers that their grandmother used on them during trips to India. I love anything Ayurvedic, so I decided to give it a try.  

I applied Back To Your Roots formula for dry, frizzy or curly hair (they also have one for thin, flat, normal hair too) and slept with it overnight. What happened the next morning when I went to wash my hair is truly unbelievable: Not only was my hair silky soft, but I was able to detangle it without using any conditioner. That’s my literal definition of a miracle, because people with dry curly hair cannot not use conditioner to detangle. That’s just not a thing we do.

But shockingly, this was my experience, and as a result it cut down my wash day routine significantly. I also noticed this one super dry area of my hair that just never feels as soft as the rest of my hair felt much more manageable and less dry. I’m hooked and will forever keep this pre-cleanse as part of my routine. I’m also really proud that Pretty Well Beauty is the first retailer to offer this innovative modern brand to people. 

Ingredients: Amla, Orange, Rice Bran, Turmeric Root Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Licorice Root.

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