Barfly: Foxfire Room

Even without watching the film, Foxfire’s popularity makes sense to me on a pragmatic level. The bar is designed for settling in; once you’re here, you’re not going anywhere.

Barfly: The Pikey

The way the lights from chandeliers bounce off the walls of The Pikey makes this place feel like a warm, golden egg. It’s the kind of place that has red and white paper straws; it’s a place that makes you feel like you should order whiskey.

Barfly: Casa Vega

Casa Vega is a friendly ghost and beloved family-owned and operated valley hideout. No establishment could be more perfectly Hollywood adjacent than a Palm Springs casita in Sherman Oaks painting itself as a Mexican restaurant.

Barfly: The Kibitz Room

For those who love it, The Kibitz is a deeply defended place, loved unconditionally and home to outcasts, celebs, and barflys of all types.