Coping Mechanism: Bronze Avery

Bronze Avery is the kind of person who makes you feel like the most important one in the room — he radiates care for others and is someone I instantly trusted.

Coping Mechanism: Morgan McGlothan

Morgan McGlothan is someone you can’t miss in a room. She’s also a person who openly deals with anxiety, letting others into her experience of the rollercoaster ride that our feelings can take us on. 

Coping Mechanism: Alexis Hoerres

Alexis is the perfect combination of serious and kooky, and her nuggets of life advice — always solid gold, natch — are steadily tucked in between commentary that makes me laugh.

Coping Mechanism: Nirantha

The most stable person I know believes in upheaval. She believes in change and destruction. She believes in rebuilding with intention and living that way too.