Simone Sobers

Last week during a self-imposed staycation in the desert, I cleared a space in my hotel room, unrolled my yoga mat, and joined a Zoom call dedicated to twerking. No, it wasn’t pure nostalgia for the club that led me to embrace this unusual use of technology and hip flexors, but rather, the pursuit of […]

Pot Punisher

There’s a certain beauty in the way ceramicist/artist Sarah Duyer — aka Pot Punisher — has turned the necessarily destructive process of reclaiming old clay or cracked pots into a shared cathartic ritual.

Lenéa Sims

Educators like Lenéa Sims are teaching the principles of anti-racism to all those who are eager and willing to learn. 

Justin Esposito

Justin Esposito is blending jazz, hip-hop, punk rock impulses and more with the FreeJBoosie Trio, a collective who are seeking to bring jazz to a wider audience by making it accessible and familiar.

Lalah Delia

Before you look at all the success that Lalah Delia has achieved as a teacher, healer, and author who is helping others raise their vibrational energy, read the story of what she had to overcome first in order to get there.

Sydney Scott (@Ohhhhhhhhhoney)

Last year, Sydney Scott started a new Instagram account on a whim. Over 14,000 followers later, her frank conversations about plus-size bodies, inclusive fashion, and ending diet culture have become essential.

Coping Mechanism: Bronze Avery

Bronze Avery is the kind of person who makes you feel like the most important one in the room — he radiates care for others and is someone I instantly trusted.


Mxmtoon is Maia, a 19-year-old musician who grew up in Oakland and found her voice by singing ukulele covers. Now, she’s amassed a small digital empire and is releasing a new EP called dusk.

Sara Jaramillo

If you ask Sara Jaramillo how she ended up working for Yeezy, she’ll call it “something that you ask of the universe.” Now, she’s working on ILYSM as a designer of sustainable, affordable shoes that even a teenager could afford.

Half Waif

On ‘The Caretaker,’ Nandi Rose Plunkett has taken has taken the outlines of her past songwriting impulses and retraced them in technicolor.