Take The Ferocity Of Aries And Use It To Reclaim Your Personal Power

Ashes and Earth

The monthly tarot calendar is a collaboration with Ashes and Earth Tarot.

Reclaim Your Power

April — King Of Cups

We’re taught to label feeling sad, angry, anxious or uncomfortable as “negative.” When those feelings arise, we think we have to change them, fix them or ignore them. Many times we try our best to numb them. Over this last year, many of us have experienced a new level of pain, trauma, stress and grief. And no matter how hard we try, we can’t run. We can’t avoid. And we shouldn’t.

The King Of Cups asks for a mastery of emotion. Instead of trying to feel “better” try just feeling. We’re so quick to dismiss our present reality in favor of striving for a better future. Let’s try to be here now. Let’s practice integrating this pain, this sadness, and let it crack us open.

Let it make us more resilient and more vulnerable. Let our emotions teach us to approach life with more humility and grace. Feeling your feelings is living your experience. It’s living your life fully, bravely and out loud. Feeling your feelings can feel scary, but on the other side is exhilaration, inner strength and growth.

April 11th — New Moon In Aries — Eight Of Wands

Aries is the warrior. It’s fiery, bold and ready to take action. But the new moon is a time to be internal, to plant seeds and take time for self-reflection. Eight of Wands is both a card of momentum and stillness. It asks you to take the ferocity of Aries and use it to reclaim your personal power. We are taught that we must look externally for our answers. For our path to spirit. For our sense of self-worth. For our health. And in doing so, we give over pieces of ourselves. We are conditioned to feel disempowered.

You have come this far, and you are here, learning and living. Claim your stories. Claim your mistakes, your lessons and your heartache. You are worthy just as you are in this moment. Whenever you get an inkling of shame, be the warrior for yourself. Say no to that story. Say no to that thought pattern. Say no to images, people and messages that say, “you are not enough.” Go to war with the things in your life that hold you down. Cut out what no longer serves you. Fight for you.

April 26th — Full Moon In Scorpio (Super Full Moon) — Strength

The Strength card represents a soft strength. A strength that comes from love. From surrender. From intuition. The Strength card reminds us of quiet power. One that works behind the scenes, that doesn’t ask for accolades or attention.

We’ve gotten so accustomed to associating “powerful” with bigness. With force and ruthlessness. We’re not taught the power of feminine energy. We don’t see the foresight and selflessness that gentleness requires. On this full moon, let’s tune into our yin strength. Learn to appreciate strength without ego. Let’s communicate passionately and not need to be right. Let’s show boundless love in areas we feel pain.

This is the feminine way. It’s not about gender, it’s about energy. We all have both masculine and feminine energy within us, but we live in a culture that thinks it’s dominated by a patriarchy. Coming out if the long, dark tunnel of the last year, we must rely on compassion as our compass. Feminine energy is a super power, and it’s time the world starts to utilize it.

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