Tarot Offering: July 2020

Ashes and Earth

The monthly tarot calendar is a collaboration with Ashes and Earth Tarot.

— July —

Each of us desires to be seen and heard for our beliefs. Many of us have been silenced and we are seeing how our silence has aided or continued cycles of oppression. We are stepping up for ourselves and for those who have been dismissed and discarded for far too long. We are demanding more from those who are supposed to be serving and protecting us. We must recognize that when we step into that space, we are processing personal and collective trauma. So we must care for ourselves accordingly. Temperance tells us we must balance the anger with joy, the frustration with gratitude, the fear with hope.

We must give ourselves space to integrate these energies. This battle for change is ongoing. We have to keep up in a way that is sustainable. All soldiers retreat to their camps at night. Even in war, they make space for their community. The letters of love and support from their families keep them going. We have to treat ourselves and our communities with care. We have to give ourselves time to unplug, laugh, listen and love one another. Underneath our fire, there is a deep well of compassion. Make sure you are drinking from it.

Full Moon In Capricorn/Lunar Eclipse 07.05.20 ~ Page Of Wands

The Page Of Wands is about looking to the future. Although so much is uncertain right now, we cannot underestimate how much we’ve transformed over the past few months. What used to feel like everyday activities now feel like luxuries. For some, how did it feel to be touched for the first time in months? What came up for you? Did you see yourself in a new way? What was it like to be forced into slowing down? Can you acknowledge how much you’ve just been through? As we slowly re-open and expand as a nation, we must ask ourselves — who am I now? After months of isolation, no doubt our priorities have changed. What lessons can you carry forward into this next phase? What is truly important to you? Can we come out of this with a new perspective on how we want to live our life? How we want to show up? Take a moment of gratitude for yourself for getting this far. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit.

New Moon In Cancer 07.20.20 ~ The Devil/El Diablo

Despite the ominous title, The Devil is one of my favorite cards. This card asks us to look at where we keep ourselves small. What crutches do we use to reinforce our own cycles of shame? What actions do we take that say “you aren’t worthy of love.” Where have we internalized the negative self-beliefs society has taught us? We are working so hard to help others break free from those beliefs. Are we looking at ourselves too? Change begins within each of us. We have been conditioned to feel shame around our skin color, our bodies, our gender, our sexual orientation. And consciously and unconsciously we often act from that place. Ask yourself: Does this thought/feeling/action represent long held shame? Or does it represent the societal change you wish to see? Your unconditional self-love is a part of what we are fighting for. We must teach it to ourselves so we can lead other towards their true personal freedom.

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