Growth Is Not Always Obvious, But Pay Attention To Small Shifts

Ashes & Earth

The monthly tarot calendar is a collaboration with Ashes and Earth Tarot.

—May —
Personal Growth

May — Page Of Swords & Knight Of Cups

Both the Page of Swords and the Knight of Cups represent a new level in your personal growth. These cards signify that the work you have been doing on yourself is starting to pay off. You may not even realize it yet, as growth is not always obvious, but pay attention. I’ll bet you bounce back quicker or notice yourself being a little less reactive.

The Page Of Swords comes when our thoughts are becoming more grounded. It’s when we are able to step back and see a difficult situation with objectivity, or compassion. Right now, a lot of people are projecting their fears outward, and most likely onto you. It’s easy to be defensive and get sucked into other people’s issues.

When you are faced with an argument, your only job is to honor your needs. That’s it. Your job is not to teach, preach and try and educate the other person. You don’t need to change their point of view. Let them figure it out. If someone is asking for your opinion, that’s one thing. But don’t waste your energy giving out unsolicited advice. You concentrate on your needs. Speak them. Support them. Advocating for yourself is enough. State what you require and move forward. Put yourself first.

The Knight Of Cups asks us to be patient with ourselves in this time of growth. Growth is not linear. Most of life is two steps forward, one step back. Growth doesn’t mean that we don’t make mistakes. Growth is when we see those mistakes as lessons.

I want to acknowledge that trying to work on ourselves can often feel very discouraging. Sometimes it’s too much work to try to “not be sad” or “not be angry.” A gentler approach is not to dismiss your feelings, but to try and call in the opposite. If you feel anger, do something that makes you laugh. If you feel sadness, do something that elicits joy.

All we can do is try for a small shift. And even if these shifts feel futile at first, they will eventually redirect your energy. Each time we take one step away from anger and towards love, we create a butterfly effect of positivity that will be felt for years to come.

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