Life Is Precious And Unpredictable, Prioritize Showing Up As Your Whole Self

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8 Of Pentacles | 9 Of Pentacles

Now that life is back in the swing of things, we’re going back to full social calendars, the office, the classroom and the commitments we’ve anchored our lives around. But life now and pre-pandemic are vastly different, even as we return. The 8 Of Pentacles shows us diligently carving out our space in the world, while the 9 Of Pentacles wants us to take a moment to admire our resilience: Look at what you just survived.

Living through the trauma of the last two years, you now get to celebrate yourself in the best way — by showing up in total authenticity. You have earned the right to do as you damn well please. It’s not anyone’s job to tell you how to look, feel, express and identify. Life is precious and unpredictable. It’s yours to lust after, make messy, reach goals and love with abandon. You owe no apologies for being yourself.

The message for November is to bring yourself along for the ride. Prioritize showing up as your whole self. When we’re with family, our partners, co-workers and even friends, we tend to try and adapt to our environment at our own expense. But it’s actually not your job to please everyone.

You offer much more insight, value and inspiration when you live in your authentic truth. When you share your fears, hopes and ideas from your unique point of view, it’s unmatched. Remember that true vulnerability is the bravest and most rewarding path. It’s through this practice of unabashed vulnerability that we start to find beauty in our perceived imperfections and shortcomings.

What are some ways you can live a little louder and in more celebration of yourself? What clothes, food, causes and activities represent who you really are and what you love to bring to your life? Can you start your day with this self check-in? What would life look like if you approached it from that place? I challenge you to try.

You are a gift not only to the world, but to yourself.

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