September 2020’s Tarot Offering Is A Reminder of Your Own Wildness

Ashes and Earth

The monthly tarot calendar is a collaboration with Ashes and Earth Tarot.

— SEPTEMBER 2020 —
Open / The Star

September is the entrance of a new chapter. It’s the beginning of the end of the year — and this is significant for many reasons. This was a year in which all our lives have been turned upside down. This was a year of chaos, breakdown and breakthrough. This last leg is where so much comes to a culmination, and things must come to a head in order to be released. The Star is the card of healing. It asks us to trust that the events in our lives are not just happening to us, but also for us. Think of a hardship in your life that you can now see was actually a gift. This time is no different. We were all existing in a system that was oppressive and outdated. And that system needed to come down. It needed to be seen, it needed light shone in its dark corners.

We needed to reevaluate our economy, our medical system, our institutions, our stigma and bias against those who are different than us. We needed this. As we prepare ourselves for the energy surrounding this election, the beginning of the school year, and the rest of the shifts fall brings, ask yourself — what is this showing me? What is the lesson for the continual growth of my soul? Remind yourself that this is an opportunity to be changed for the better. That you are acquiring more resilience. A greater threshold for working within the ever moving tides of life. That when we can trust this process, we can be healed on the deepest level.

Full Moon in Pisces 09.02.20 — Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords is asking us to question the narrative we’re being given. We’re so concerned with who is on what side. You’d be surprised to know that most people want the same core things, even if we disagree about how to get there. But, we’re all doing too much talking to listen; too much finger-pointing to create resolve; too much gathering around a common enemy to see that we are an enemy to someone else. The best thing any of us can do is ponder the possibility that we can be wrong sometimes. In no way do I ask you to compromise your morals. But I do ask you to look very closely at your attachments to “right” and “wrong” and ask yourself — where are you creating more division? Where are you adding to the polarity of the world around you? And where can you create more room — more tolerance — for togetherness and connection? Because togetherness and connection are what we’re starved for the most.

New Moon in Virgo 09.17.20 — Six of Cups

I would argue that the deepest balm for the soul is being alone in nature. We are so disconnected from the places where the earth is undisturbed, where we aren’t in control, where we are a guest in the animals’ kingdom. Yet not enough of us make this a priority. No matter how chaotic life can be, a brush with nature reconnects us. If you believe in God, or any higher power, a solo walk in the woods is the ultimate church. The space of silence where you can hear the guidance you need. The Six of Cups is card about opening the heart. It’s about reconnecting to what’s truly important. Nature reminds us that everything is a cycle. And there are things so much bigger than us. Find your way to a path in the woods, the beach or the mountains. Remind yourself that this world is still a beautiful place, and very much worth fighting for. Remind yourself of your own wildness, of the ocean and forest that exists within you.

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