September Is All About Clearing The Subconscious

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Clearing The Subconscious

The Hierophant | Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles comes when it’s time for us to receive a “gift” — you can interpret this as a literal gift, but I see it more as a “leveling up” We can speak our dreams and affirmations to the universe, we can bust our ass making our dreams happen, but, are we ready to receive them when they come into fruition? How many stories have you heard about people who win the lottery and are already broke again one year later? Or how many times have you accomplished a goal only to be in constant fear of when the other shoe going to drop? Even worse, when the specter of imposter syndrome lingers regarding your success.

It’s because almost all of us have deep issues of self-worth and ownership of our power. The Hierophant asks us to rewrite our stories and examine the outdated belief systems we apply to ourselves. It’s that voice within us that’s critical, shaming and doubtful. Most of us develop these beliefs in childhood and keep them throughout our lives, without ever stopping to reexamine them. Some of these beliefs are so ingrained that we view them as “normal.”

There are also those whose insecurities breed a sense of bravado, one built on ego and ruthlessness. Don’t be fooled — this also stems from a lack of self-confidence. The message of this reading is: Something good wants to come in, so clear out your negative subconscious beliefs in order to fully receive it when it happens. I’m a huge believer in therapy, journaling, meditation, any practice to get in there and examine what’s holding me back.

It’s time to rewire and renew. You are more than deserving of your success. Not only that, but to revel in it and fully embrace your power and enjoy the fruits of your labor. When we are at peace with ourselves, we can navigate our accomplishments with equal parts pride and gratitude. We can be both assertive and humble. Let’s clear out these negative thought patterns so we can be part of a deeper paradigm shift. One where power is not abused. Where competition gives way to inclusivity. And where we can celebrate both ourselves and each other.

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