June 2019 Tarotscopes

Will McGraw

Tarotscopes mix elements of Tarot and astrology to create an immersive reading for each sign, based on both planetary alignment and knowledge of the cards.


March 21 – April 19

Four of Cups

Structure and emotion seem like warring concepts, but there really is a subconscious system for the way we allow ourselves to process and express how we feel about life as it happens. You’re tapping into that instinct right now — framing opportunities that come to you against your most recent successes. It isn’t always a bad thing to ignore the noise, or to hesitate when unsure if you’re ready to take the leap. Self-preservation hangs in the   balance between keeping yourself protected and giving the cold shoulder to what the world wants to offer you. The Four of Cups recognizes your efforts on this journey of the self, setting you up with what you need for a deeper reflection when Neptune enters retrograde on June 21. You will find yourself with room to ask for so much more.


April 20 – May 20

Queen of Swords

Traditional illustrations of this card show a solitary queen at her throne, using a sword to keep herself guarded instead of letting someone else do it for her. She has become the queen through triumph over pain, through wisdom born from sorrow. We also see a butterfly flying around her head, unfazed by this woman of authority on the defense. It’s valid to feel jaded by pain — to want to prove that being able to keep ourselves protected means the initial hardship was just a fluke. There’s a fine line between protecting yourself and being so battle-hardened that you’re fully shut off from the worldly pleasures the Taurus holds so dear. The butterfly is a miracle of nature and stays with the Queen to remind her of her capacity for change and growth. What hasn’t killed you hasn’t killed you, and you are in charge of what you take away from it.


May 21 – June 20

Three of Coins

Your work is only as good as the people you surround yourself with, and here at the peak of Gemini season, your draw is undeniable. The Three of Coins wants you to know that you’re capable of mastering what you do through cooperation and collaboration. If we consider the Gemini to be the wordsmith of the zodiac, there’s no time like the present to use the power of words — both spoken and heard — to get you where you want to go. The new moon in Gemini on June 3 will allow you the adaptability to speak even the simplest of ideas into existence by listening and learning in equal measure. The information you gain from those included in your creative process is invaluable — because you took the time to receive it.


June 21 – July 22


In an ideal world, there’s always a just outcome for the choices we make if we’re living authentically. But what does that look like in reality, when even the best and purest of your intentions don’t land? Cancer, you have an intuitive and sensitive nature that makes the people who are lucky enough to know you feel deeply seen, heard, and understood. When Neptune enters retrograde on June 21, you’ll find yourself consciously applying these beautiful traits to yourself. It may be painful, initially, to look at and acknowledge the areas of your life where you feel you haven’t been paid your due, or areas where you feel you fall short. But the sun is moving into your sign, and although your instinct may be to stay hidden in your shell on days when you feel less than your best, all of this means it’s time to grow into a bigger, stronger shell anyway.


July 23 – August 22

Nine of Cups

Sometimes it feels like the bigger the dream, the harder the fall when it doesn’t pan out exactly the way it does in our grand fantasies. Traditionally the “wish” card of the minor arcana, the Nine of Cups has an entirely different take on “be careful what you wish for” this month. What happens when you’ve been burned too many times to feel like wishing for anything at all?  A Leo’s pride is a delicate thing, and any blow to the self-esteem reaches a peak when Jupiter squares with Neptune on June 16. It’s virtually impossible to entirely extinguish a Leo’s fiery nature, but self-punishment over not matching up to your expectations of what your life should look like is a direct path to burnout. The Nine of Cups is gently nudging you to honor what you actually have accomplished and where that’s taking you, letting you feel contentment from these concrete feats and reigniting your sense of pride.


August 23 – September 22

Three of Cups

There’s so much power in choosing to meet someone where they’re at, to really see someone you care about because you have committed to them. The Three of Cups is a celebration, three goblets raised high in honor of the love you are surrounded by in life. Mercury, ruler of Virgo, enters Cancer in June 4, and you will be struck by the strength and depth of the emotional bonds you have with the people you’ve chosen to be a part of your life. Communicating from a place of emotion over analysis this month will lay the foundation for those days that aren’t all wine and roses.

Will McGraw


September 23 – October 22

Page of Coins

If we think about post-grad life as an extension of our education, you are in a period of soaking up anything you can. The Page of Coins can be seen as a student of experience, in a position to create new ideas based on the lessons you’re learning in real time. This eagerness to understand the world and people on a deeper level comes into focus with the new moon on June 3, when communication is at its peak and we feel the freedom to ask our burning  questions and receive the answers we need to hear. Saturn’s position sextile Neptune on June 18 is a celebration of seeing the forest for the trees, for knowing that every little piece of information is only going to advance you.


October 23 – November 21

Two of Coins

“Work-life balance” is one of those vague phrases so ubiquitous we start losing the ability to apply it to ourselves on a personal level. We know why we work — to cover our needs and maybe have a little fun along the way. It’s pretty easy to sort our time into two boxes: “working” and “not working.” When you clock out and pack up at the end of the day, sometimes it feels like you’ve lost sight of what you’re grinding so hard for. The Two of Coins wants you to remember that money makes the world go round, but you always have the choice to tip the balance the other way. When Venus enters Gemini on June 8, it’s a good time to actively make choices that keep you conscious of feeling alive outside of office hours.


November 22 – December 21

Seven of Cups

Sagittarius, the universe is calling on you to dedicate yourself to fantasy. The Seven of Cups presents a limitless number of options for adventure, but it’s fully up to you to decide which cup to reach for. Jupiter is making its journey in Sagittarius for the entirety of 2019, flooding you with opportunities both worth the taking and not. Trust your intuition when it comes to laying bare the dream that requires your focus the most. The full moon in your sign on June 17 is asking you, Archer, to commit to something bigger — shoot your arrow, watch it fly, and follow through.


December 22 – January 19

Seven of Wands

As the chaos of May’s burnout subsides, feeling overwhelmed gives way to feeling vigilantly on guard in an effort to gain back some control. The Seven of Wands brings urgency to softening and use this vantage point to connect to others instead of automatically assuming someone is trying to get the better of you. People are drawn to each other’s vulnerability, sensitivity, and intuition, and as the sun moves into Cancer on June 21 you can finally move freely and feel deeply  among those who will stay loyal to you through the best and the worst of times.


January 20 – February 18

Page of Wands

There is a massive rush of energy around you right now, and you’re feeling energized to bring something new into the world and watch it grow. There’s nothing but pure potential surrounding you, and the Page of Wands serves as the avatar for someone with everything to give because they have nothing to lose. There’s a greater risk for you if you don’t use this time to create something for the good of the universe at large. There may be feelings of fear and isolation as the Page begins their journey alone into the unknown. Mercury makes its way into Leo on June 21, and it’ll give you the fire to stare opportunity in the face and speak words into action. When you say what you need to with your whole chest, you won’t find yourself alone on the journey for much longer.


February 19 – March 20

Four of Wands

This is a moment of rest and reprieve. The Four of Wands builds a little canopy around you on higher ground, keeping you warm and safe for the time period. This card is considered one of the happiest and most triumphant cards in the entire deck, and you deserve to let this feeling wash over you. The suit of Wands in tarot represents the element of fire, the very opposite of water-ruled Pisces, but both elements are capable of moving forward until something strong enough gets in their way. Regroup and refocus, but don’t the four Wands that built a shelter around you become an obstacle that prevents you from moving away from what feels unsafe. Follow that deep, ancient instinct to run wild and free.

Note: The deck used for this month’s images is the Modern Seer Tarot, a new new minimalist tarot deck by Kristin Mcgraw that focuses on messages of introspection and inclusion. There is no depiction of race, age, hair or eye color, and in many cases body type. The artwork is composed and simplified in a way that allows for personality and intuition of the reader to fill that space. That was very intentional. To learn more about the deck, purchase a copy, or support Kristin’s Kickstarter campaign go here.

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