Beboe Sativa Vape Pen

Ben Shmikler

Like a couple other posts before it, this recommendation begins with the caveat that this vape is one the reason Thing is such a prominent part of the Cinnamon setup. It was one of the first “things” I loved so much I wanted to recommend it to every friend I had, and to every other hapless joint roller/weed lightweight on the planet.

I don’t dislike weed, I just disliked many, many aspects of its user culture before legalization. I really dislike the smell of it, and I lack the dexterity to quickly create usable joints from loose flower. Perhaps, counterintuitively, I actually love loose flower, touching it, the little cases it comes in, the different consistencies. I used to think I hated weed because I was constantly smoking way too much of it for my own tolerance level, hitting whatever joint was being passed around multiple times to fit in, when in reality, I personally only need about one or two hits off a joint to be very, very high. 

That tolerance level means joints don’t work great for me when I’m smoking on my own, or ever, really, because it’s simply too much weed. It would be like if the expected consumption for every drinker was always an entire bottle of wine, instead of just a glass. Keeping a joint I’d taken one or two hits from around for more than a week was gross, and, frankly, not good storage, and how bad I am at rolling them meant I was coughing up a lung half the time anyway when smoking my own creations. When the era of the vape began, it was like a custom solution just for me. Then, of course, I realized I wasn’t alone in any of these problems.

And while plenty of vapes fix those specific complaints, the design and aesthetic of Beboe hit a sweet spot that my rose gold loving heart didn’t even consider existed. Marketing weed to women isn’t a groundbreaking idea, but when I found this vape, I understood the appeal on a whole new level. I kept it in my wallet, easily sneaking it into shows, bars, and even onto a plane once or twice (on accident) because it basically looks like a makeup tool. The smoke is almost odorless, and a clear window on the back end of the vape makes it easy to track how quickly I’m using up the cannabis oil inside.

Though a Beboe vape does run a little more expensive, it comes in two options — the smaller, mini size of 250 milligrams ($36) and the regular 500 milligrams size ($65) — so you can get always get the cheaper pen if you’re more strapped for cash. For the Sativa version, a strain I’ve often had issues leading me into paranoid territory in the past, Beboe describes their concentration as “socially-dosed,” meaning you can smoke and still be around people without spiraling over every awkward thing you’ve ever done or said. It has 47-51% THC and 1-5% CBD concentration.

Beboe also offers Indica and CBD vapes, Sativa pastilles (hard candies with 5mg of THC and 3mg of CBD) and Indica pastilles (hard candies with 10mg CBD & 3mg THC). I have tried the Sativa pastilles and they pair really well with the pen, but this rose gold vape has been my tried and true ever since discovering it in the summer of 2018. It’s especially effective during my annual Dry January ritual, when I cut way back on drinking, and, naturally, start getting high a lot more.

Founded by Scott Campbell and his wife, Lake Bell, this elegant marijuana line is named after Campbell’s grandmother, Be Boe, who would bring “special” brownies to his mother when she was diagnosed with cancer. Only as an adult did Scott discover that his grandmother had been baking pot brownies for her sick daughter, effectively helping his mother cope with the onset of nausea during her illness, and regain her appetite during treatment. If a renegade grandmother using weed to help her sick daughter isn’t the best namesake for a vape line, then I don’t know what is.

On the inside of the pink and white box, big letters spell out the message: We love you and we want only the best things for you. I don’t know if that’s a phrase Be Boe herself used to repeat to her family, but it is a mantra I repeat when the paranoia starts trying to creep in. That’s when I began to realize I could control the emotional temperature of my own high, too, if I consumed with intention and compassion toward myself. Maybe I would’ve gotten there without Beboe, but maybe not. Sometimes the tool is just as important as the task.

Learn more about Beboe here and if you’re on the east side, buy their products at California Caregivers Alliance in Silverlake, a dispensary run entirely by women.

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