La Bloom Beauty’s Bloom Face Mist Isn’t Just Hydrating — It’s Mood-Boosting, Too

Veronica Crawford

Never in my life was I into face mists until this year. 

Maybe it’s because I’m spending so much more time indoors, or  maybe it’s because I’m spending so much more time alone and makeup-free, either way, they’ve become my new favorite beauty product to layer on all day. La Bloom’s take on the face mist game is to include aloe, rose flower oil, witch hazel, sweet orange oil and eucalyptus, so the spray is not only hydrating, it’s mood-boosting as well. 

Created by Polish-born, Los Angeles-based model-turned-entrepreneur Diana Moebius, La Bloom’s products are rooted in her study of naturopathic medicine, and an observation that there’s a massive gap in the beauty market when it comes to clean products. Growing up as a child in Poland, Moebius would gather fresh herbs with her grandmother, so her appreciation for natural remedies began early, and every La Bloom product is non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free.

La Bloom has the kind of sweet floral packaging that makes it perfect to give as a gift, or throw in a to-go bag for a girls trip full of product swapping and using each other’s remedies. When I recently traveled to the desert, this was my go-to for the drive, right before bed, and even in between pool sessions while I was laying out. Since I haven’t been wearing as much makeup, I’m not worried about smudging it, and actually, this spray works better as a makeup setting spray than a makeup remover.

At the very affordable price point of $21 — pretty much a steal, especially for a local, small-batch product — this face mist won’t break the bank even if you’re using it every other hour, like I have been. It’s the perfect pick-me-up on a day where I’m sitting in my apartment all day struggling to hit deadlines, or to mist on right before I have to go out and face the world again.

The brand also offers plenty of other products, like a lip scrub, nail oil pen (dry, cracked cuticles and hangnails, be gone!) and “CBD lady oil” that’s designed as a topical balm for period relief, formulated with black pepper, cardamom, arnica and rose hip. My cramps have been pretty under control the last few months, but I used this after a tough workout one night and it really helped with muscle soreness. The face mist spray might be my favorite, but this oil was a close second. Also, I haven’t tried it yet, but based on reading other reviews everyone is obsessed with their lash and brow serum, a welcome relief for eyelashes and eyebrows that are coated in mascara and tints all day.

I really love these products because of what’s in them, and because the company is woman-owned and based in LA, but the most appealing aspect of anything from La Bloom really is the design. The bottles are so beautiful and sweet that they turn these items into the perfect gifts. And unlike plenty of brands with beautiful packaging but nothing else going for them, the product on the inside is quality as well.

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