Eu Natural Breathe Herbal Supplement

Veronica Crawford

Has there ever been a better time for herbal supplements that target the lungs and airways? Probably not.

Enter Eu Natural, a company founded in 2013 by Vinay Amin, who created the initial herbal formulations to soothe his own issues with sleep and productivity. With a background in engineering and digital marketing and experience in the startup world, Amin took advantage of the direct-to-consumer model that the internet has made so accessible, and used it to get authentic herbal supplements to people for all sorts of health-related concerns. Although pharmaceutical drugs can be a godsend in many cases, there are plenty of other issues that can be solved with a more natural approach, and that’s the basis for the uptick in homeopathic and natural remedies.

Eu Natural makes vitamin supplements targeted towards women’s health, men’s health, pregnancy and fertility, beauty and lifestyle (immunity, energy, sleep, etc.). Every formula they make is completely vegetarian and made without any extra filler, blended in the USA in an FDA-certified lab and is never tested on animals. They also guarantee that no binders, artificial ingredients, gluten, wheat, or dairy are in any of their products. Given the lack of oversight and real quality control in the vitamin and supplement industry, these kinds of standards are important to look for and verify when you’re purchasing any sort of herbal product.

Of course, in the era of a respiratory pandemic, the most popular and relevant supplement they make is their Breathe supplement, when the foremost concern of people all over the world right now is strengthening their lungs. The primary ingredients in this formulation are Quercetin and Nettle Leaf, along with Boswellia and Butterbur. Quercetin is a plant extract found in items like grapefruit, onions, apples, black tea, some leafy green vegetables and beans. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and decreases the release of tryptase, an enzyme that is often activated during allergic and hypersensitivity responses. 

Nettle leaf — aka stinging nettles — is a diuretic that helps the body flush out toxins, reduce sodium-induced water retention and address high blood pressure. People have been making tea from nettle leaves for over 2,000 years and it’s also excellent for joint health, which can be irritated and/or impacted by inflammation. Boswellic acids have traditionally been used in India as part of Ayurvedic medicine, and they inhibit an inflammatory compound called leukotrienes which are connected to a series of chronic inflammatory diseases such as bronchial asthma but also including arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

Finally, Butterbur aka Coltsfoots, has also been used to help lower levels of leukotriene and the other histamines that cause seasonal allergies. Working together, these supplements help soothe the lungs and respiratory airways, building strong clear passageways during a time when strengthening the lungs and airways is particularly important. I did a bit more research into all of these herbal supplements myself, but it was also reassuring to see that that peer-reviewed scientific studies were linked in a research section within the ingredients and information list on the product page.

My experience taking the Breathe supplement was extremely positive, and I definitely felt like it helped improve overall lung strength and clear my passageways after a long sickness this spring. At about $30 for a month-long supply — with rates that get progressively cheaper if you buy more — the Breathe supplement is definitely good to try for a month or so and see if it helps improve your breathing. If not, Eu Natural offers a 90-day money back guarantee on every single supplement they sell, another good faith element that helps make them feel more trustworthy than some other supplement companies.

Additionally, like many other direct-to-consumer companies before them, Eu Natural offers a charity element to their sales model. For every bottle of vitamins and supplements that is purchased the company provides an entire year of vitamins to a child in need. They do this by partnering with the Santa Barbara-based charity, Vitamin Angels, who donate vitamins primarily to pregnant women and new mothers who are high-risk for malnutrition, and children under five who need vitamins to survive.

Eu Natural offers an ethically created, scientific take on herbal supplements that gives back to malnourished children with every purchase. If the urge to strengthen your lung and airway health strikes — or is even a preventative measure that will help alleviate some stress and anxiety during the uncertainty of the pandemic — then trying the Breathe supplement might be a great way to solve some problems while still giving back.

Check out Eu Natural’s Breathe supplement here. Learn more about Vitamin Angels here.

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