Flowers Magic Meditation Subscription Box

Alyssa Stefek

On a tucked away, suburban street in the outskirts of South Pasadena, Flowers Magic Meditation sits squarely in the middle of an otherwise deserted block. A print shop sits on one side, an empty lot on the other, but the meditation center is down the street from a stop on Gold Line and only a few more blocks off the 110 freeway. It might be nestled on the outer edges of Los Angeles, but that remoteness is also part of what adds to its charm. Housing the luxury floral, lifestyle and events brand, Sincerely Vavé, Flowers Magic Meditation functions as both a floral shop, a meditation center, and a store full of the kinds of tools, items, and trinkets that Los Angeles lightworkers of all levels and backgrounds will be drawn to. 

The shop has the calm, peaceful feeling of a sanctuary inside, placing a strong emphasis on feminism and supporting women — particularly women of color and the queer community — though men who ascribe to those ideals are more than welcome. While the story of how the shop came to be is worth an article of its own, and will definitely be featured in this magazine at some point in the near future, today’s post is highlighting their recently launched flower subscription box.

Jessica Gray and Patrice Veyna, the founders behind Flowers Magic Meditation, envisioned these subscription boxes as a way to bring the plant magic and careful intention of their shop out into the world in a more affordable and consistent way. Jessica and Patrice were both students at Pepperdine a year older than me, but it was only through starting Cinnamon and getting in touch with other witchy, women-owned businesses in the city that I reconnected with them and learned about their shop — further proof that following your heart will end up leading you back to yourself in so many ways.

For Gray and Veyna, committing to a monthly ritual like the subscription boxes was a way to deepen their community’s understanding and use of plant magic, and help bring intention inward through meditation, even when members couldn’t physically be together. “We’ve paired intentional and seasonal flowers with curated selection of magical and meditative products to help you set aside time and create space for your ritual self care and guide you through a month of ceremony,” the founders wrote of their subscription boxes, a product they just began offering in October. 

Alyssa Stefek

“Flowers have power to transform spaces, vibrations, and mood. Through attention, ritual, and practice, your intentional botanicals will help call in your desires, and bring them forth into the world, naturally,” the description continues. For between $50 and $55, depending on the length of your subscription, those who sign up can receive monthly guided meditations with accompanying custom artwork, seasonal, dried flower bouquets and other ritual magic tools like crystals and candles to help enhance and support at-home self care practices. 

In October’s initial offering (which Cinnamon hosted a giveaway for at the end of September), the subscription box included a guided Trataka Meditation, which is a practice from Hatha Yoga to develop concentration, along with accompanying candle holders and candles, Selenite crystal wands, and a dried flower arrangement that included magical, seasonal plants like Lunaria, Marigolds, Witch grass, Amaranth and Eucalyptus, among others. 

For the price of a fancy meal out, this witchy starter kit can help keep you grounded, get your spiritual energy back on track, or would even as a wonderful gift to honor a friend or partner’s special occasion. And the best part of it all? Every purchase puts money back into a local, woman-owned business, every subscription goes toward keeping the lights on in that remote little Pasadena shop. 

Sign up for a three-month subscription beginning with December’s box here, or get an annual subscription with reduced pricing here.

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