Song Of The Day: ‘You Want Everyone To Love You’ — Bestfriend

Maxine Tamoto

The best, most perfect piece of music on the planet lately. The only song you need to hear. Until tomorrow.

Hearing this song was actually what gave me the idea to do Song of the Day. Or, rather, confirmed that I should. I’d be toying with it for a while, wut when I started listening to Bestfriend’s debut EP, Places I’ve Lived, I wanted to recommend it to everyone I knew on the spot. The whole thing was great, even if it wasn’t a fit for any of the places I contribute to as a freelancer. It reminded me that while the early 2000s blog era I came up in used to be almost completely devoted to discovery, most of that has faded. That’s what got me into music writing in the first place — trying to find new music (Because back in the day I thought pop was too basic and commercial (missed some great records for years because of that, sadly). I always wanted to be the first person to know about a great new artist and there is still nothing that brings me more joy than introducing my friends to new music I think they’ll love. So, the column lives.

Funnily enough, I didn’t find Bestfriend on my own from listening to Soundcloud, scouring tastemaker-y playlists, or seeing them open for another band. A publicist sent the EP over and I just happened to have time to listen that day. Knowing Cinnamon’s ethos to uplift marginalized artists she mentioned the project’s LGBTQ ties, but not in the tokenizing way that overeager or tone deaf reps sometimes do. The cutest thing about Canadian duo Stacy Kim and Kaelan Geoffrey’s friendship and creative partnership, though, is it began in DMs! The sound sucked me in immediately because it reminds me of an early 2000s glitchy-twee fav, Freelances Whales — note how the intro of “You Want Everyone To Love You” shares DNA with “Generator ^ First Floor,” if you like.

The balance between soft touch synths and electronic burbles and Kim’s warm alto probably would’ve been enough, but then lyrics like “I think I’m an unremarkable exit” and that train ride chorus hit. As expertly crafted as the song is, it’s the chaotic breakdown at the end that really establishes Kim and Geoffrey as incredible producers. More happens in that last minute, emotionally, than anywhere else on the EP. Though I highly recommend hearing the whole thing, and this inside-out cover of Blink-182’s “I Miss You.”

Listen above or on Spotify here. Cinnamon’s new Song of the Day playlist is on Spotify here.

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