September 2019 Tarotscopes

Lindsay O’Brien

Tarotscopes mix elements of Tarot and astrology to create an immersive reading for each sign, based on both planetary alignment and knowledge of the cards.

March 21 — April 19

Queen of Wands

Loosening your grip on trying to control every single aspect of your reality has allowed you to slowly re-harness your fire. August’s card, the Ten of Wands, showed you the value of knowing when to ask for help when you’ve been spread too thin, and now you have the space and energy to stretch back into your greatness. The Queen of Wands sits atop her throne in the middle of a vast and barren desert, but she is the oasis. You are life itself, the perfect alignment of knowing what you want and finding a way to get it. This card asks you to keep that alignment in the forefront of your mind. You must honor your hunger for life and let it motivate you, but falling back on old patterns will turn that hunger into impatience and resentment when things don’t go according to plan. Saturn goes direct in Capricorn on September 18, solidifying the structure you need in place in your life to hold you accountable for making the most of it.

April 20 — May 20

Queen of Cups

If Taurus represents all of the beauty and bounty of what it means to be alive, then the Queen of Cups is asking you to find every possible way you can extend that to others. There is so much pain in this world, and it feels more than natural for you to seek ways to retreat inside of what’s comfortable to shield yourself from it. The Queen of Cups is not exempt from pain and the growth that comes from it, and neither are you. This card is a balance between the intensity of the feelings you feel and the ways in which you act on it. The new moon in Libra on September 28 will give you a fresh slate to turn helplessness into helpfulness, and you’ll be the light that others need most right now.

May 21 — June 20

Six of Swords

How much are you hiding away or keeping secret for the sake of making yourself palatable for others? August’s Queen of Cups called on you to step up to the plate, to be a living, breathing example of a life lived out loud. The traditional illustration of this card depicts a journey by water, sailing into the unknown for the sake of something better. Water is constantly moving, changing shape, remaining flexible in every possible way that will allow it to continue flowing forward. You must commit to the messy. Can you predict every possible outcome for the choices you make? Absolutely not! There are over 7.5 billion people in the world, and the reality is that you will be remembered for pushing against every single thing that makes you want to be smaller and less significant. It’s not your lot in this life to remain anonymous. When Mercury moves into Libra on September 14, the fear of living genuinely will fall by the wayside and allow you to wear your truth on your sleeve without coming across as preachy or inauthentic. There is a whole world out there that needs to see what it’s like to be down for the ride, to morph and change shape according to what life throws at you. The journey is mandatory; leaning into it and accepting the blessings is your choice to make.

June 21 — July 22

Two of Wands

If August’s card, The Tower, asked you to imagine a world where you can burn it all down and start all over again, the Two of Wands represents the crossroads you find yourself at: choosing between building something new and extraordinary, or recreating a world that is comfortable. When you push yourself past the limits of what you know, it’s not going to look like anything you’ve ever known. Why wouldn’t you fear the unnavigated and unknown? This card is asking for you to make a commitment to that unknown, to trust in your decision to move away from what you recognize into the world you want to see. The Sun is in Virgo until September 22, allowing you to analyze and parse out the details of where to go next. This is a period of study, you don’t need to fill the space as quickly as you can. The full moon in Pisces brings the emotional aspect of the situation to fruition, and you can properly honor where you’ve been without taking away from where you’re headed. Wands represent creativity and creation, what will you bring into this world with this moment you’re being given? There’s no reward without risk, and this card wants to make sure you’re up for the journey.

July 23 — August 22

Two of Cups

Spicy Leo season gives way to make space for the Virgos, and the light that shined upon you in August has made your cup runneth over! The suit of cups represent the energy that flows between all of us, the give and take of relationships of any kind. If there’s a celestial theme for September, it’s all about what we can give to the people we love, and how transformative it is to commit to growing alongside another person. Leos desire to give extraordinary and passionate love just as much as they want to receive it, and if you are in a committed romantic relationship or find yourself on the brink of one, you need to decide if you’re up to the challenge. Venus, the planet of love and what we’re willing to do for it, moves into Libra on September 14. You’ll have to be honest with yourself about how much you’re willing to give to someone before you reach your breaking point, and whether you can push yourself past that limit in order to make it grow. What can you give away to make room for what you’re going to receive?

August 23 — September 22

Four of Wands

There’s a celebration in order, and it’s all for you, sweet Virgo! There’s love and pure joy pouring out of every bit of the Four of Wands, we see figures adorned in flowers dancing and soaking up the moment. But you know you can’t stay at this party forever. August’s reading of the Eight of Cups challenged you to boldly walk away from what doesn’t serve you, to bravely make space for what you don’t know because you know what’s on the way is better. The Four of Wands builds a shelter around you, giving you a moment to really breathe it all in and trust that the journey you’ve made to get to this point was the right one. The sun in your sign until September 22 amplifies those beautiful Virgo qualities, relentless curiosity and a dedication to observing the world around you and all the wonders it has to offer. This isn’t a permanent structure, but you have a moment to figure out what you’re building next.

September 23 — October 22

Knight of Wands

The ready-for-anything energy of August’s Knight of Cups has carried over into September, and the Knight of Wands is just as eager to turn confidence into creation. There’s a little more nuance required when it comes to charging head-on into this particular battle, and it’s time to align that eagerness with pragmatism. It’s one thing to dream, it’s another thing entirely to make a tangible effort toward making the dream come true. Jupiter squares Neptune on September 21, asking you to be honest with yourself about where it’s possible to pursue actionable ideas in the face of grand dreaming. This serious self-reflection may breed discomfort and frustration initially, so give yourself the time and space you need to grieve and let go of what just isn’t meant to be. 

October 23 — November 21

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man looks to be in quite a precarious position, but leave it to a Scorpio to be brave enough to flip their world upside down for a fresh perspective! The Ace of Wands from August’s reading injected much-needed joy into the scenery of your life, and showed you the possibilities of what you’re capable of when you aren’t dragged down by the weight of it. There’s a halo of light around the head of the figure in this card, signifying that shaking it up will often lead to the revelations you’ve been seeking. You’re continuing to surrender to life’s ebb and flows, and this serves you. This month gives you room to dream in ways you haven’t been able to before, and the new moon in Libra on September 28 will help you balance dreaming with reality in order to set the stage for your higher calling in a legitimate way.

November 22 — December 21

Ten of Coins

Last month’s Seven of Swords was a harsh but necessary lesson in how impossible it is to do it all alone. The Ten of Coins is a celebration of learning a different lesson, about how enriching it feels to let your loved ones in to help you navigate the path forward. It isn’t always easy to ask for help when you need it, but this summer has been an exercise in expanding the circle of support that surrounds you. You have the breathing room now. When Saturn goes direct in Capricorn on September 18, you’ll begin to see results of positioning yourself to be protected by the choices you have made to be vulnerable. The Ten of Coins does represent wealth and abundance in all ways, and you are being invited to challenge what that looks like for you. If all of your dreams came true tomorrow, would you stop there? Or would you be able to trust that you are safe enough to keep dreaming bigger? 

December 22 — January 19

Five of Swords

One of the first things that comes to mind when we think of a sword is how it can be used to defend ourselves from harm. We see a smiling figure in the forefront of this card, holding three of the five swords in victory while the other two lay at the feet of those he has just defeated. So much of life is made worth living by the connections we are able to foster with other people. Are the two figures in the background even opponents, or have they simply walked away from a fight they never wanted to be in? Ask yourself if you’re spending most of your time with your sword drawn, keeping out harm and love at the same time. There’s triumph here, but at what cost? Is there any victory worth experiencing alone? The full moon in Pisces on September 13 will give you a chance to break free from the fear of the harm you assume is coming, and allow you to let your emotions come from a place of compassion instead of defense. Let love in.

January 20 — February 18

The Lovers

The Lovers is a card about harmony, striking a balance between the rational mind and the emotional heart. August’s reading asked you to find strength in the solitude of The Hermit, taking a period of time to reflect on the state of things on a deeper, intuitive level. How can you apply what you’ve learned in a practical way? Aquarius, it’s in your nature to analyze, to take the logical approach to the way you move through the world. It may feel against this nature to search for those same answers from a place of emotion. The Lovers wants you to marry these two concepts together, effectively doubling the amount of information you’re receiving. Mercury enters Libra on September 14, giving you the space to practice communicating with the heart and the mind in alignment without the superiority complex. The sun moves into Libra on September 23, and you’ll be keeping those classic Libra scales balanced using both what you know and how you feel.

February 19 — March 20

Nine of Coins

August’s reading of The Star was all about celebrating the major work you’ve been doing to heal and grow, and the Nine of Coins wants to know how you’ll use that feeling of satisfaction from a job well done to push your forward. This card represents the self-discipline that is required to advance us in the work we do, the art we create, and the relationships we have we others. It isn’t dumb luck, you’ve gotten to this point through dedicating yourself to a better life. It’s more crucial than ever to let the evidence that you’ve done it before motivate you to continue doing it again and again. The full moon in your sign on September 13 is a powerful time to honor how far you’ve come, and to set yourself up for where you’re going next. Saturn goes direct in Capricorn on September 18, and you can trust that the work you’ve done to get here will stick.

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