About Cinnamon

Feminine energy in every form…

Hi, welcome to Cinnamon! We tell the stories of women- and queer-owned businesses. We highlight creatives, artists, teachers, and entrepreneurs and healers that embody feminine energy. Our focus is on travel, food, music and beauty, but plenty of essays on wellness, books, and visual art have made their way into our coverage, too. Our model is a slow-publishing practice, highlighting only a few long form articles per month. The purpose of this is to cut out the chatter and clickbait, focusing only on stories that really mean something to us. 

Initially created in 2019 by writer/editor Caitlin White, Cinnamon features contributions and essays from writers all over the country (and sometimes the globe). Given how white and male the traditional publishing and media industry still is, Cinnamon is a blatant attempt to make room for voices and perspectives that aren’t always heard or highlighted. If you’re interested in contributing or learning more about what we do, please get in touch.

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For more information, advertising and partnership inquiries, or editorial pitches, please email caitlin@cinnamonmag.com


Collaborations with brands on sponsored content are always marked. When it comes to partnerships, we only work with brands that share our values, and our emphasis will always be on companies that are founded by women and members of the queer community.