This Mother’s Day Bouquet Comes With A Custom Floral Tea Kit

Cara Zozula/The Bouqs Co

What are two things moms are absolutely guaranteed to love, no matter the variety, blend or flavor? If other moms are anything like my plant-obsessive parent, the obvious answer is tea and flowers. Herbal blends and floral blends are similar enough as is, and noting this correlation of mom-related plant-based gifts, artisanal tea-makers The Art Of Tea and lead floral designer of The Bouqs Co, Kaylyn Hewitt (aka @TrueVineStudio on Instagram, highly recommend a follow), decided to combine the two into one perfect package… the Art Of Bouqs anyone? 

The actual ingenuous name involved in the Afternoon Tea bundle is the title of the tea blend that these two teams came up with for the package: “Garden Confetti” is a mix of “hand-blended botanicals with delicate white and green teas for a bright and floral profile. It comes in a loose leaf package of an ounce and a half for $18. If you buy well-sourced loose leaf tea a lot, then you know that’s a decent deal, and the package will make about ten servings of tea.

There are plenty of bright petals in the mix for a stunning cup, with marigolds, corn flowers and rose petals rounding out the lavender and lemongrass. The special holiday kit comes with a 100 pack of filter bags, so even if your mom doesn’t have a steeper, she’ll still be able to enjoy a cup of the loose leaf without sipping around the herbs. And the extra bags might be useful for other loose leaf she has laying around, or the perfect excuse to stock up on more.

Cara Zozula/The Bouqs Co

Whenever two Los Angeles-based companies are teaming up on any sort of feminine and sustainable project, I’m usually interested, and this collaboration is definitely a cut above some of the other Mother’s Day packages out there. Both brands place a lot of emphasis on eco-friendly and ethical sourcing, and the ingredients for their joint tea are taken directly from local farms and sustainable partners. If your mom enjoys plants in many forms and is passionate about ethical consumption, it’s hard to think of a better gift idea for the coming holiday.

As for the flowers, which served as the inspiration for the tea blend, the accompanying spring Mariposa bouquet is created with multi-colored butterfly ranunculus, a flower with flaxen, silky petals that look like they might fit in perfectly with the other petals and herbs blend (but do not actually eat them, this beautiful flower is toxic for humans!). My sample bouquet includes oranges, yellows, and creams, a nice, neutral contrast to the reds, bright pinks and overbearing purples that tend to dominate Mother’s Day. 

Sold as a bundle on The Bouqs site for a limited time, the tea, filter bags, and bouquet will be available together for $109 right here. The other great element of this gift is that even if the flowers only last a week or so, the tea should hang around for a little while longer, a nice reminder of your thoughtfulness. Shop the “Garden Confetti” blend on Art Of Tea here.

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