How Do We Protect Our Peace And Hold Space For Uncertainty?

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Leaning In

October — Page of Wands Reversed | Page of Swords

How do we operate within the current state of turmoil? How do we not just get through the day, but allow ourselves to be creative, open-hearted and motivated all while feeling like the bottom is going to drop out at any second? Every time we access the outside world, we’re pulled in 20 different directions. We’re experiencing our lives with the backdrop of social and political chaos, illness, rampant misinformation, divisiveness and fear.

How do we protect our peace while holding space for the atrocities and trauma of the world around us?

For some that may be burying their heads in the sand or denying these plights all together (re: misinformation). For some, they may feel a constant and inescapable call to action and a sense of survivor’s guilt. I would argue that both these responses are rooted in both love and fear, however, both are out of balance.

The Two of Wands reversed suggests a fear of the future — a general uncertainty in where we’re going and how to get there. While the Page of Swords shows that we are growing in our own understanding of self and how we communicate our needs. We are both anxious and brave simultaneously. The message for this month is to lean in to it. Lean in to the love, grief, unease and the joy. It’s fundamental to life that we understand that these experiences are often concurrent and don’t, in fact, negate each other.

How can we can weave meeting our own needs into our lives? Maybe that’s just fifteen minutes of alone time at the start and end of each day. Or finding a therapist. Or working to change one habit that no longer serves you. Perhaps it’s structuring your day around your needs a little bit more and not feeling guilty about it.

We can show up for what is calling us and for ourselves. We can be both angry and peaceful. We can experience both sadness and inspiration. Believe in your capacity to hold all of these states. It’s perhaps the most beautiful part of embracing life fully and vulnerably.

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