Darian Symoné Harvin

Darian Symoné Harvin is creating an independent newsletter reporting on the intersection of beauty and politics — and it’s become so substantial that she’s received a fellowship from Substack to continue growing the project.

H.C. McEntire

For those already familiar with H.C. McEntire — either through her work with her former band, Mount Moriah, or via her stunning debut, LIONHEART — her latest release, Eno Axis, will be a welcome addition to a still-growing solo catalogue.

St. Clair Detrick-Jules

Sisterly love inspired St. Clair Detrick-Jules’ latest project and debut photo book, Dear Khloe: Love Letters To My Little Sister. Read more about the filmmaker, director, producer, documentarian, and activist (!) in this Q&A.

Half Gringa

Half Gringa is the Chicago-based musician Isabel Olive, who is releasing her second album, Force To Reckon, on August 28. Today she’s sharing an excellent new track off the record, ‘Afraid Of Horses.’

Annie Paradis

The comedy of Annie Paradis is perfectly deranged, from her own stand up and improv, to the poetry-comedy show The Slam she’s produced and performed for the last four years.

Simone Sobers

Last week during a self-imposed staycation in the desert, I cleared a space in my hotel room, unrolled my yoga mat, and joined a Zoom call dedicated to twerking. No, it wasn’t pure nostalgia for the club that led me to embrace this unusual use of technology and hip flexors, but rather, the pursuit of […]

Pot Punisher

There’s a certain beauty in the way ceramicist/artist Sarah Duyer — aka Pot Punisher — has turned the necessarily destructive process of reclaiming old clay or cracked pots into a shared cathartic ritual.

Lenéa Sims

Educators like Lenéa Sims are teaching the principles of anti-racism to all those who are eager and willing to learn.