Figlia Is The Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo For Non-Drinkers And ‘Not Drinking Tonight-ers’

Courtesy of Figlia

The return of “normal” life ushers back nights out, larger gatherings, and catch-ups with friends. However, it also ushers back our old frenemy FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out. We all want to belong and be included — no one likes being left out of potential meaningful moments. The difference, for me, is that I am now re-entering the world as a sober person. I stopped drinking alcohol during the pandemic, an unrelated decision that is destined to bring on some self-induced FOMO. As our social lives return to “normal,” I’m seeking ways to help smooth out the transition.

Lily Geiger, the founder of Figlia, has also evaluated her relationship with alcohol, and has since created an inclusive beverage for sober people, who are often seen as outsiders. Geiger herself comes from a history of alcoholism — her father passed from the disease when she was 20 — and she recognizes that issues with alcohol come in all shapes and sizes. Figlia seeks to create a safe space for those who may choose not to drink, for whatever reason. In a society where alcohol is infused into our bloodstreams, particularly when it comes to social events, it can be comforting to have a glass in your hand. Beverages like Figlia give people the chance to choose whether or not what’s in that glass is boozy.

This month marks one year of my sobriety. My decision to part ways with alcohol was primarily due to mental health factors, but I’ve found that it’s benefitted me in every area of my life – from my sleep, to my eating habits, to the depth of my relationships. I’ve been fortunate enough to have friends and family who fully support my decision to be sober, and I know I’m lucky because that’s not always the case.

Courtesy of Figlia

The part of drinking that I miss most often is sitting with a few friends and trying new cocktails at our favorite bar. I’m a fairly confident and secure person, but there are certainly times where I wish I could order whatever new concoction the bartender has whipped up. I’m a seltzer disciple, but I’ve found Figlia has provided me a safe haven to sip on something more special than a can of bubbles.

I haven’t been drawn towards non-alcoholic beers or spirits that mimic alcohol, so Figlia was a better alternative for me, and it’s a fresh and welcome one. While their website features six creative mocktail recipes, I decided to follow the traditional directions on the bottle — over ice, with an orange peel. The flavor is clove-forward with a hint of florals and bitter orange, reminiscent of my sorely-missed spritzes. Foria, their first and currently only product available, is made with all natural ingredients, with no added sugar and no preservatives. It contains extracts from rose, rosemary, and elderflower, all of which create a multi-dimensional — but not overpowering — drinking experience. It was pleasant to sip on and perfect for entertaining a few friends when I had them over to my place.

This is an excellent beverage to have on-hand at home for your sober friends, pregnant friends, and friends who are simply not in the mood to drink tonight. Beyond this, the clear-stopper bottle looks beautiful among or in place of the at-home bar. The part I appreciate most about the Figlia brand is the focus on self-reflection, connection, and acceptance. The world might try to bring you down for choosing not to drink, but Figlia can help create an atmosphere that’s open to all life choices. 

Courtesy of Figlia

For those who drink or don’t drink — there’s a seat at Figlia’s table for you. A 750ml bottle of Foria will run you about $43 on their website for, but they currently offer a subscription option that affords a slight discount. 

Learn more about Figlia here.

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