Song Of The Day: ‘Good Ones’ — Charli XCX


The best, most perfect piece of music on the planet lately. The only song you need to hear. Until tomorrow.

Are you kidding me? Charlie XCX has been running circles around every bb in pop for the last ten years, and still somehow she remains “under the radar.” Same as it ever was. “Good Ones” sounds like a No. 1 hit to me. If Dua Lipa was singing… it probably already would be. You hear it now, right? This song has it all: Bombastic drums, baroque verses stippled with Bond theme tension, and Billie vocal flutters on that harmony-laden hook. I really don’t know what else Charli has to do at this point to become a full-blown, top tier pop star. Hopefully she gets the credit she deserves this album cycle.

As for the message of the song itself, hey, I think all of us love a song about only wanting love when it’s toxic. Heavy relatable. Considering how much Charli has talked about Britney influencing her as a kid and inspiring her idea of what a pop star should be, “Good Ones” slots correctly as the next XCX chess move toward mainstream pop. Let’s not forget the audacity of her hosting the music video dressed in a black leather teddy at someone else’s funeral. Haven’t you ever sung a hook while sprawled atop a coffin? Cinematic-goth Charli is the best Charli.

Listen above or on Spotify here. Cinnamon’s new Song of the Day playlist is on Spotify here.

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