Are Your 2021 Goals Being Motivated By Love Or Fear?

The monthly tarot calendar is a collaboration with Ashes and Earth Tarot.


January — Queen Of Swords

With the New Year, we feel motivated to set intentions. We set goals and get excited about new possibilities. So I want to ask you: Are these goals being motivated by love or fear? Real change requires us to become students again, to learn new ways of thinking and to learn new ways of self-love and acceptance. Only then can your motivations come from a pure place. Shame and guilt will not lead to lasting results.

We may say “my intention is to eat healthier.” So we look up some healthy recipes, and then within a few weeks, we’re back to our old habits. It’s because we’re only doing the surface work. Getting “healthy” is about so much more than eating right. It’s about transforming our relationship to our health. It’s about learning to love your body exactly as it is, even if you want change. It’s about learning to love foods that actually nourish you. If your goal is more money, be prepared to dive deep into your money mindset. Be prepared to examine your feelings of lack and fear. Hire a coach. Take a course. Again, be willing to be the student.

The Queen of Swords is the card of alignment. And alignment is when we’re coming from a place of love and acceptance. When we desire something and that desire is coming from a negative place, what do you think you’ll call in? To put it simply, we attract what we put out. Real change takes time and commitment, firstly to yourself. Intentions are as much about the journey as the outcome. So enjoy this journey of creating something new.

January 13 — New Moon in Capricorn — 3 of Cups

One of my intentions for this year is to “let one thing go” each day. If I find myself trying to force an outcome or getting frustrated, I give myself the choice of just letting it go. Late to work? Let it go. Got into an argument? Let it go. Didn’t get everything done? Let it go.

This isn’t about waving responsibility — it’s about learning to surrender. It’s about learning to give myself some space to make mistakes. January is Capricorn season, and this sign has a very “masculine” energy. Capricorn likes structure and achievement. It’s so common to get wrapped up in that energy over things that don’t require it. I often catch myself being rigid for no reason. Or stressed about something I have absolutely no control over.
3 of Cups calls for more joy and flow. This card is asking you to find ways to soften the hard edges. To remember to breathe deeply when we’re constricted. To remember that there’s no such thing as perfection. I promise if you start paying attention to it, you too will find something each day you can let go of. Remember that you can always choose to wave the white flag. You can always choose to exhale. And you can always choose to release.

January 28 — Full Moon in Leo — 8 of Swords

We have all been through varying states of trauma over this last year. Our bodies and nervous systems have been consistently jarred and triggered and shaken. And it may take us a while to feel whole again. The 8 of Swords comes when we need to remember that we’re okay. I want you to say out loud (yes, right now) I am safe.

Look around you, you have everything you need in this moment. You are protected. You are provided for. You made it through a hellacious year. You didn’t break. In fact, you’re resilient as fuck. Say it again, I am safe.
We must rely on ourselves, not outside forces or broken institutions, to make us feel safe. This is a self-care practice. One to give ourselves more self-assurance. More validation. To remind ourselves that we’re still here, living and thriving.

That we are the hope for creating a better world.

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