There Is Always A Breakdown Before A Great Breakthrough

Ashes And Earth

The monthly tarot calendar is a collaboration with Ashes and Earth Tarot.


November — Hanged Being

Hanged Being is the card of Surrender. Let’s all take a big exhale and acknowledge how incredible and resilient we humans are. Have you told yourself lately what an amazing job you’re doing navigating through this messy existence? Or are you continuing to be critical of yourself and those around you? Let me let you off the hook for that. We don’t need that. We need you to learn to love yourself so much that there’s no room for anyone else’s bullshit. We need you to accept all the flaws, all the dusty corners and all the dirty secrets. We need you to find the strength to be right with you. We can’t expect acceptance if we can’t accept ourselves. We, as Americans, are our own darkest shadow. Look around — you’ll see an entire country acting out of a place of fear, trauma and self-loathing. We must each do our part to break this cycle. Today, find one self-criticism that you can start to reframe. Let go of one thing that causes you stress. Send love to one person who you have discord with. Commit to creating a new sense of love and unity within yourself, and perhaps you will start to see this in the world around you.

November 15th — New Moon in Scorpio — Temperance

We want so badly to feel in control. It’s in our nature to want a plan. To want answers. To want clear direction. But life doesn’t often work that way. Temperance asks us to step back and see a bigger picture at play. While things may seem upside down and confusing ask yourself: What if things are exactly how they’re supposed to be? What if all of the chaos of this last year is here to help us all evolve into something greater? Remember that our perspective dictates our experience. Give yourself the space to get existential. Let yourself search for the deeper meaning in things. Let yourself see the signs the universe so badly wants to show you. Let yourself find a little divinity, hope and maybe even a little magic in this crazy world of ours.

November 30th — Full Moon In Gemini — Will Of Mars (The Tower) & The Star

Before a great breakthrough there is always a breakdown. The Tower is the card of destruction, but the Star is the card of healing. One of the most important lessons I learned in my life was to trust that the darkest moments come before the brightest ones. This year has created an incredible amount of upheaval. It has brought to light so many outdated institutions, so many outdated beliefs, so many forms of greed and corruption that were going unchecked. This year is when are all being forced to wake up. We are witnessing a monumental shift in humanity — and we are all an integral part of it. Trust the struggles we are facing now, for we are fighting for a better world.

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