Episode 1

Taryn Dean, The Beauty Mage

Creature of Light is a podcast about spiritual well-being, spiritual life, and all the connections between the physical and emotional aspects of our lives and our spiritual selves. Co-hosted by Taryn Dean — aka The Beauty Mage, who you can read more about here — and Cinnamon Mag’s editor-in-chief Caitlin White, the first episode kicks off with an introduction to Taryn and her Transcendental Beauty services.

Our initial conversation covers everything from dismantling the false binary between spirituality as deep and beauty as shallow, to the similarities between Reiki and prayer, and how beauty rituals can function as acts of resistance. Future episodes will be structured with Caitlin and Taryn interviewing a guest, but this initial one is devoted to further exploring Taryn because she also makes for an excellent guest. Listen to our conversation below and look for a new episode every month.