Episode 12

With ‘Plastic Hearts,’ Does Miley Cyrus Finally Have A Classic Album?

RCA Records

On an extra-long, extra shit-talking episode of State Of Grace, co-hosts Caitlin White and Eric Fulcher debate the merits of Miley Cyrus’ latest album, Plastic Hearts. A complete left turn for the pop star, who has historically dabbled in either hip-hop or country, this fully ’70s-rock record reinvents her sound completely. With guests like Joan Jett and Billy Idol, Miley doesn’t just try on some classic rock sounds for size, she fully immerses herself in the era. Does it work? And is Miley Cyrus simply going to be a rock star now, or does she have a chance of making a pop hit like “Party In The USA” again? Tune in to find out. Stream below or download the episode here.