Darian Symoné Harvin

Darian Symoné Harvin is creating an independent newsletter reporting on the intersection of beauty and politics — and it’s become so substantial that she’s received a fellowship from Substack to continue growing the project.

Lalah Delia

Before you look at all the success that Lalah Delia has achieved as a teacher, healer, and author who is helping others raise their vibrational energy, read the story of what she had to overcome first in order to get there.

Gut Instinct: To-Do’s

Gut Instinct is a feeling of intuition, analysis, and reaction to the moments presented in life. Here, it is a column that aims to find a sense of deeper truth and learn from the musings of modern culture.

Jess Bunge

Jess Bunge found her calling in the Los Angeles design world as the Editorial Director of the design and culture blog Style By Emily Henderson, but that path wasn’t always clear to the Orange County native.

Jordana Nye

After moving to Wichita, Kansas to get an apartment with her girlfriend, Jordana Nye began producing songs on her iPad for fun. Then, a record deal happened.

Kiok Kang

How did a former pianist with her sights set on Julliard become a successful beauty PR entrepreneur instead?