Magpies Softserve

Rose and Warren Schwartz founded Magpies Softserve in June 2016, and in what must’ve been kismet, I moved a block away just a few months later. Their homemade-from-scratch soft serve ice cream is an old favorite, and is helping keep me sane during this terrible summer.

Los Angeles County Store

MaryAnne LoVerme’s goal was to create a gift shop full of souvenirs that actually reflected Los Angeles and supported the people who live here.

Mulholland Memorial Fountain

I get nearly overwhelmed on the days it runs, water glistening like an unexpected song, trumpeting up, shouting about a victory I haven’t yet felt.

Midland Shop

Even among the sunny, well-curated blocks of Silver Lake populated with more golden-chic boutiques than anyone can count, Midland always stood out to me because of the ivy.

Dinosaur Coffe

Great coffee shops end up becoming the kind of places that church purports to be: places where people care for others, just because we’re all people.

Pine & Crane

Whether you’re an expert on the cuisine or just coming into the fold, my tips for ordering at Pine & Crane are deeply influenced by its focus on vegetables.