Tarot Offering: August 2020

Ashes and Earth

The monthly tarot calendar is a collaboration with Ashes and Earth Tarot.

— August 2020 —
Self-Reliance / Ace of Cups

This month, it’s time to pay attention to how we are caring for ourselves. Do your actions reflect self-respect? Do your relationships? Whatever isn’t serving you, it’s time to clear it out. The Ace of Cups is the card of self-love. And self-love isn’t just taking a bath or a yoga class, then slipping into the same old cycles. It’s learning to stand up for yourself. It’s learning to set boundaries. It’s cutting out the bullshit. It’s letting go of the energy drains in your life. I’ve said it before, no one is going to “make you happy.” You are one hundred percent responsible for caring for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. No more putting off what you know you truly need. Maybe that’s getting a therapist, or starting to exercise, or shutting off the news. When we don’t take our quest for self-love seriously, we disrespect ourselves, and we rely on outside circumstances to fix us. They won’t. We must do the work within. We are our own saviors.

Full Moon in Aquarius 08.03.20 ~ Queen of Pentacles

Continuing with our theme of self-reliance, the Queen of Pentacles asks you to get your house in order. There’s big work to do in the world, and we can’t show up if we’re falling apart. If we’re messy. If we have loose ends. With all the continued instability, it’s more important than ever to be conscious of how we are spending our time, money and energy. Clean your home, make a budget, make a meal plan, make a schedule. Create the structure that best serves you. We need a certain amount of structure so we can flow. Aquarius is the revolutionary. It’s expansive, forward thinking and powerful. It’s such a potent energy for us all to tap into. What do you need to clean up in your life so you can do your part in shaping this new world?

New Moon in Leo 08.18.20 ~ Five of Wands

The element for Leo season is fire. It’s time to look closely at how we handle conflict. In our current climate, we are surrounded by conflict. Ask yourself, what’s my relationship to it? Do you thrive on conflict? Do you love the chance to prove your point, perhaps get out some anger and frustration? Or do you run from conflict? Do you find yourself being quiet — or even dishonest — just to keep the peace? Most of us create our relationship to conflict very early in life. We combine what was modeled to us, how we survived it and how we continue to navigate our lives. The Five of Wands asks: Is it time to reexamine this? Can we give ourselves a little more room and a little more self-awareness when we receive difficult or triggering information? Set the intention to think before you speak. To breathe before you react. To let the feelings — old and new — settle. In order for us to change how we react; we must create the space within ourselves to do so.

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