Leo Season Reminds Us — There Are No Conditions On Worthiness

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Unconditional Love 

August — 6 Of Pentacles | 4 Of Wands 

We are taught that almost everything is conditional. We’re praised when we are “good” or “do the right thing.” We’re told we’re only attractive with a certain body type, that our measure of success is about how much we make, that our very safety is based on our skin color and sexual identity.  

We are bred to give and receive conditional love.  

Most religion and spiritual ideologies heavily echo this — if you don’t pray correctly, if you don’t meditate enough, if if if… all these dogmas sever us from truly connecting to something higher. Something unconditional.  

The 4 Of Wands lets us know that while structure is important to creating a functional life, it’s what’s within us that allows us to truly live. We are allowed to tap into our own limitless heart at any time. We are allowed to give ourselves love so freely, that it couldn’t be contained if they tried.  

There are no conditions on your worthiness. If any person, teaching or social norm tries to convince you otherwise, know that you don’t have to internalize that. You can choose yourself, over and over again. 

The 6 Of Pentacles reminds us that we always have love to give. When we’re struggling, it can be hard to have the space to help others. But kindness is priceless. It creates an energy that  reverberates out farther than you can imagine, and the world is in desperate need of that right now.  

Opening our heart to others helps us tap into that infinite source of divine love, the one without conditions. It connects us to each other and to something greater.  

August is the month of Leo. In the Tarot this is the “Strength” card, often featuring the mighty lion. It represents courage, taken from the root word “coer,” meaning heart. And giving and receiving unconditional love requires a lot of courage and self-reflection.  

If you are looking for a spiritual practice, try an act of daily kindness. Reach out to someone you love. Give up your seat. Pay a compliment. Buy someone a coffee. What may seem like a small  gesture, can have a huge impact on another person’s day — and their life.

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