Especially Right Now, You Are Allowed To Prioritize Yourself

Ashes and Earth

The monthly tarot calendar is a collaboration with Ashes and Earth Tarot. This month’s reading was done using The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck.

—February —

I want to highlight the role social media has played in our lives during this pandemic. It has become, and dangerously so, the measure by which we judge ourselves and others. Moth asks us to look at our shadow judgements. We have totally normalized constant comparison. We want to make sure our lives look color-coordinated, politically-correct, filtered and relevant. We put actual self-worth in how many likes we get on a post.

So let’s take a moment and recognize how this affects us. It may not seem like a big deal, but all those small subconscious judgments add up. Don’t get me wrong — there are incredible, informative, lucrative and positive sides to social media. But we seem to have lost sight that what we post and read online is only a tiny, curated snapshot into that person’s life. It’s not who they are, and your feed is not who you are.

I challenge you to give yourself 24 hours (or more) without your feed. Stop looking to an app to tell you what to think, who to support, who to hate and who your friends are. Let’s do some IRL practices. Read a book. Call a friend. Go for a walk without taking pictures you need to post. Give yourself a day of truly being present in your life. You may be missing out on its messiness, beauty and wonder.

February 11 — New Moon in Aquarius — Deer

Aquarius is the revolutionary thinker, and Deer asks us for tenderness. Perhaps more now than ever, people are called to stand up for what they believe in. This often comes with heightened emotions, radical action and firm stances. And in many cases, rightfully so. We need that fire to create change.

However, that fire can get out of control really quickly if it doesn’t have anything to balance it out. Anger shows up when we really care about something. Anger comes when we are afraid. Anger comes when we can’t hold space for the emotions of grief and sadness underneath it.

In order to create lasting change, we have to acknowledge this. We have to start to choose grace where we can. We can’t operate in a heightened state at all times, it’s simply not sustainable. Ask yourself: Where can I choose more gentleness? Where can I choose love? How can I recognize and find compassion in each challenging situation?

This is not bypassing. If you look around, you may see an angry and frightened world. But you are also seeing a world of people who are passionate. Who care deeply about what they think is right. If we can start to meet people from this place, there’s no limit to the changes we can make together.

February 27 — Full Moon in Virgo — Horse

Horse arrives when we need to ground. The struggles we are all facing in this social and political climate take up an enormous amount of our energy. We are all open and vulnerable to fear, attack and projections from all around. What are you doing to protect and preserve your energy? Probably not enough.

One thing we can do is create boundaries. Maybe we feel we need to be constantly informed, or to keep up. We don’t. The information unfolding today will actually have more clarity to it tomorrow, or in a few days. We may feel like we need to indulge and comfort the fears of others. We don’t. If you don’t have the space to support someone else, that’s okay. You are not obligated to show up for everyone right now.

Before you start your day, spend two minutes checking in with yourself. What do you really have the energy for today? Are you revved up and ready to take on the world? Or do you need some space, quiet and privacy? Especially right now, you are allowed to prioritize yourself. The changing world needs each and every one of us, and if we aren’t taking care of our own energy, how are we able to show up for others?

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