Release What Isn’t Reciprocal

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Energetic Cleanup

Knight Of Swords | Nightingale

February is asking for an energetic cleanup. The last few months have asked a lot. The lingering and ever present air of uncertainty above us, and an undercurrent of tension beneath us, all while needing to fulfill our regular obligations and go about business as usual. It’s easy to overextend and lose pieces of yourself along the way.

The Knight Of Swords asks us to cut through the chaos of life, while the Oracle card Nightingale wants us to live as our unique and authentic self. We have to clear out to get clear.

When life feels a little messy, it’s time to get out our literal and energetic cleaning supplies. We need to simplify, declutter and create some boundaries. Instead of having our hands in ten pots, pick the one or two that are truly important to you. Clean out your closet. Donate old books. Delete old contacts. Say no to plans that don’t light you up. Speak up when you need to or choose to let things go. Release what isn’t reciprocal.

We must prioritize what’s important to us. Don’t be afraid to step into a more real and open place in your life. You won’t please everyone, but that’s the point. Those who support your path will be there along the way. If something doesn’t feel right, listen to yourself and do what you need to do to preserve your inner peace.

Follow what brings you pleasure and joy. Get honest about truly caring for yourself, emotionally and otherwise. This is your time of growth. Can it be painful? Yes. Will it require some work? Yes. But will it be infinitely worth it? Hell yes. In this new year, we are entering our own new cycle. One where we get to choose how we show up in our day to day lives. Seek out your truth.

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