Tarot Offering: June 2020

Ashes and Earth

The monthly tarot calendar is a collaboration with Ashes and Earth Tarot.

— JUNE —
Healing What’s Broken


I’ve asked myself over and over, what do people need to hear right now? How can I be of service in this way? And the one message I keep getting is this: healing the nervous system. We are now in a time of uprising. The call to action has been heard. People are taking to the streets, signing petitions, donating, having tough conversations or just listening to our communities of color that need to be heard and respected. We are in it. Collectively, we are all in a heightened state as our social and political systems further dismantle around us. And they need to.

We have been in this heightened state for months. We have had fear and confusion coursing through us like water. We have been in fear about our health, our finances, our livelihoods, our homes, the safety of our loved ones. Those are big. Now we’re fighting and standing up for justice towards oppressive forces. Again, we are in it. And we will be in it for a while.

The Star is the card of healing the nervous system. I cannot stress the importance of caring for yourself during this time. Our nervous systems are in fight or flight and we must balance them. That state is not sustainable. If we burn out, what help are we? And we want to help. We want to be constantly informed. Constantly aware of every new development, every new bit of information. But we are not meant to constantly ingest information with no time to digest it. Be protective of your nervous system. Let it settle before getting back into the swing of things. I strongly urge you to create boundaries with how much screen time you have per day. You must also maintain presence and balance within your own home and family.

The Queen Of Pentacles asks you to give yourself the permission you need to find that balance so you can be in it for the long haul. We must honor our minds, hearts and bodies. We cannot brush all that to the side and stay in fight mode. Care for your body right now. They hold all of our stories, all our emotions, all our trauma. Move in a way that feels expansive. Eat in a way that makes your body feel loved. We must take care of our precious vessels. They are our vehicles for change.

9 Of Pentacles says give yourself permission to act also from love, not only from fear and anger. Stay connected to those you love. Find it in your heart to give love to those who are different than you. We are being asked to hold a lot of space right now. Be strong enough to hold the space of compassion for your own fear, for your own anger and for the anger and fear of others as they go through their journey. We are being asked to be stronger than ever before. And we can’t hold that space for the change that is needed if we’re not strong enough. If we’re not balanced. The world needs us to do so.

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