It’s Your Responsibility To Find The Light

Ashes and Earth Tarot

The monthly tarot calendar is a collaboration with Ashes and Earth Tarot.This month’s reading was done using The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck.


March — Nightingale — Finding Our Voice

The Nightingale is asking you to “speak up.” It’s time to find our own unique voice. Speaking up means getting really clear on what’s important to you —and being willing to honor that. As a woman, I have shifted, bent and altered myself to “fit in” to my surroundings or avoid conflict. But there comes a time when each of us will be asked to step into a more embodied place. A place that’s unique to each of us. A place where we can own oour experiences and gleam wisdom from them.

That is the place we “speak up” from. It’s not about being the loudest or harshest voice in the room. It’s about that true power — the one that comes from the seat of your soul. When we use our voice from that place, we become leaders. We move mountains. We guide others. It’s time we learn to sing the song of your own truth.

March 13 — New Moon In Pisces :: Otter — Going With The Flow

The Otter knows how to handle even the toughest of currents. She does so by going with the flow of the river. She doesn’t try to paddle up-stream, because that is not the direction the water is flowing. Otter asks: Where can you be more accepting of your present circumstances? What would life look like if you could have more joy in your here and now?

Think of a current judgment you have, it could be towards yourself or another, and ask — how would I experience life without that judgment? If you stopped shaming your body, what kind of choices would you make to nourish it? Most likely better ones. If you let go of a resentment towards a friend or family member, what could your relationship look like? Perhaps more emotional peace and freedom for you both.

It’s perfectly normal to have expectations of how we should look, feel or be treated, but if those expectations are not your actual reality there’s some work to be done. Can you appreciate what’s actually happening? Wouldn’t that feel a whole lot better than wishing it was different and being disappointed or resentful? We get so wrapped up in how things should be that we often forget to see the lessons, beauty, and opportunity in what’s already here.

March 28 — Full Moon in Libra :: Firefly — Finding The Light

Are you showing up for yourself? Because we need you. We need you to show up whole, clear and open-hearted. With the seemingly never-ending chaos in the world around us, we all need to do our part in creating some stability to counteract that. We need, more than ever, to have an avenue to self-inquiry. We need to have a practice that calms us, that tunes us into our higher selves. Self-care is not selfish. In fact, it is required to create peaceful and embodied changes.

When we do the work to center ourselves, we make better choices in all areas of our life, our relationships, health, finances and more. If we are triggered and reactive, we bring a very different energy to the table. While we need to hold space for all of our emotions — sadness, anger etc. — during this full moon, see if you can create a space of silence and peace before taking action. This could even be two minutes alone in the bathroom to just breathe. The Firefly says: It is your responsibility to find the light within your own darkness. And with your one light, you can create a brighter world.

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