July 2019 Tarotscopes

Shannon Cooke

Tarotscopes mix elements of Tarot and astrology to create an immersive reading for each sign, based on both planetary alignment and knowledge of the cards.


March 21 – April 19

Ace of Cups

The universe raises its cup to you, offering the gift of divine, radical love of self and others. You’ve been blessed in this moment to find forgiveness with ease and grace, to see others with compassion and extend it to them in times of need. Venus enters Cancer on July 3, creating even more opportunities to stretch and sink into this deep, slow love. Difficulty communicating during Mercury retrograde effects all of us in different ways, but you’re equipped with what you’ll need to really meet someone where they’re at. There’s security in this validation of wanting and being wanted. Conversations with loved ones might carry an extra layer of intensity, but you’re deepening the emotional bonds that are most important to you. You can afford this indulgence in connection.


April 20 — May 20


Temperance follows Death in Tarot, signifying an end and release of pain, hardship, or self-destructive behavior. We usually think of “temper” as anger, or any other emotion that easily spins out of our control. Temper is our inner balance, weighing intuition against reality and reacting from there. But in metalsmithing, tempering takes on a new meaning. To temper metal is to create rapid, drastic changes in temperature in order to harden it. The metal never changes its chemical makeup, just its level of fortitude. The sun is rising on this card, and you’ve committed to a new life with the calm assuredness of someone who’s lived through something they didn’t know they could — and came out stronger on the other end. The total solar eclipse in Cancer’s new moon on July 2 strips away the fear of the unknown and brings clarity to the areas of your life that are calling you to return with this renewed energy. If there’s projects you’re passionate about that you’ve set aside for fear of not being able to give enough, now is the time to take another look with a fresh perspective.


May 21 — June 20


There’s five commonly accepted stages of grief, and about three billion other indescribable emotions that come before, during, and after. Grief, mourning, or even just acknowledging loss is non-linear and wildly personal. But there’s a deep peace in something coming to a definitive end. The Death card isn’t a fortune and it isn’t a funeral. The reaper on this card may frighten you, but he’s here to guide you down a path that’s just been cleared for you by the closing of this chapter. The total solar eclipse in Cancer’s new moon on July 2 shows you the clean slate you have to work with. Tiny little deaths and rebirths happen everyday of our lives. It’s breaking free from the ties that bind you and letting something die before it kills you first. If anything, this card is a big, loud, celebratory wake: what comes after death is more life.


June 21 — July 22

Five of Wands

How much of yourself do you give in the interest of keeping the peace? If you find yourself accommodating the needs of everyone else first, how much do you really have left over for yourself? The Five of Wands shows us a group of figures struggling to make sense and structure of a whole mess of wands, and we get the idea that maybe the team isn’t really in communication at all. Mercury retrograde can lead to these breakdowns in communication, and for a Cancer who would prefer not to make a fuss, it’s even more frustrating to feel like what you have to say can’t or shouldn’t be heard. When Mercury moves into your sign on July 19, you’ll have the opportunity to reconcile your instinct to keep quiet with the reality of being equipped with what you need to take care of yourself. If something doesn’t sit right with you, question it, push back, and double check your work. The new moon in Leo coincides with Mercury stationing direct, lighting the fire you need to set boundaries and hatch a plan with confidence.


July 23 — August 22

The Fool

How different would your life look if you were able to live with absolute freedom — freedom from fear, attachment, or knowledge that can only be gained by living through something? The Fool is the very first card of the Major Arcana, so iconic in the history of tarot that it’s widely regarded as “The Fool’s Journey.” This journey cycles through love, loss, lessons and hardships, and we can interpret where we are in our own cycles based on the cards we pull. This card isn’t numbered at one, but at zero, and for you that zero represents a call to commit to making choices like you have literally nothing to lose. Mars moves into Leo on July 1, giving you the momentum to be passionate and aggressive in the moves you make. Mercury in retrograde aligns with the sun moving into your sign on July 23, ushering in a period where the power behind your intentions is enough to make it last. Every celestial sign from the universe is asking you to recognize that this is the beginning of an entirely new cycle. It isn’t possible to unlearn everything that brought you to this moment. If you can put yourself in the place of The Fool, you’ll see that what you stand to gain from this journey is the world. 


August 23 — September 22

Ten of Cups

The moon comes home to Cancer to be reborn on July 2, bringing with it a total solar eclipse. This is the first of two eclipses this month, with the moon shining its bright light on your home and the relationships you maintain with the people you love. The Ten of Cups is salvation, a spiritual plot of land where you’re going to be able to build a life around you. Part of finding safety and security is learning to be flexible with what that looks like for you. Changing behaviors or stepping back from relationships that no longer serve you is the constant work you’ll have to do to reap the benefits of living life on your own terms. The moon rules over the most primal intuition we’re capable of harnessing, and you must trust that gut instinct to alert you to any flaws in the foundation. You’ve been given the room and the abundance to create, staying present in the work will lead to spiritual and material wealth. 


September 23 — October 22

Four of Swords

Even the most casual of observers of astrology hears “Mercury is in retrograde” and immediately pictures themselves weeping over a pile of broken electronics and relationships. But you know better, don’t you? You’re served by this period of slow introspection from July 7 to July 31. This is where you really shine — weighing your options and taking care to absorb as much information as you need in order to proceed. 

The figure we see in this card lays in a peaceful state, with the three swords above guarding the mind, the throat, and the body. Not asleep, but meditative. The full moon’s lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16 bring matters of the home and the heart to the very forefront of your mind. Who cares if it’s generally advised that you don’t sign any big contracts or commit to large purchases while Mercury does its thing? The work you’re doing is setting you up for the full alignment of your mind, body, and spirit in Leo season.


October 23 — November 21

Wheel of Fortune

As we get older, we gain more control over the way our life pans out. We try to pay our bills, to keep ourselves housed, fed, and cared for, to surround ourselves with good people in a healthy environment. The concept of fate, or even luck, fades when you’re doing everything you can to maintain your standard of living. If any cog in this well-oiled machine pops out of place, it leaves you feeling like you never had the power of control at all. The Wheel of Fortune is reminding you that you’re part of something much larger than any one person can influence alone. Mercury in retrograde from July 7 to July 31 is an opportunity for investigation. It’s frustrating to second-guess your instincts, especially when you rely on them to guide you just about everywhere you go. But if the machine keeps breaking down, doesn’t it make sense to take a look under the hood and see what can be rebuilt or replaced? You aren’t fully in charge of your destiny, but you are responsible for the way perceiving and processing the world allows you to move forward. 


November 22 — December 21

Six of Coins

The Six of Coins is the answer to the question that’s been nagging at you — can you afford to love and give more freely? The answer is yes, more than you’ve ever known. The Sun moves into Leo on July 22, washing you in the light of the most fiercely loyal and generous of signs. What does it mean to be truly generous? There’s no shortage of people in the world who could be benefitted by the way you’re able to touch their lives. There’s no shortage of suffering you can’t transform by extending a hand to those in need. Time, money, privilege, resources; if you have it, you can give it. True selflessness is a superpower, so when Venus moves into Leo on July 27 you’ll need to check in with yourself to make sure your actions are coming from the right place. You’re being called to do the heavy lifting right now, and the world is going to be a better place for it. 


December 22 — January 19

Queen of Cups

Big dreams and the hard work you do to achieve them are aligning, and the full moon in your sign on July 16 brings along a partial lunar eclipse to give you the cosmic push needed to bring things to fruition. This eclipse is relationship-driven: our relationships with ourselves and others, our work, and our planet. It might feel like it’s in your nature to be constantly driven by your work and the way you represent yourself to the world at large. If you’re blinded by the goal at all times, you’ll start to neglect every other area of your life that gives you the emotional wherewithal to keep going. Being patient and letting yourself make decisions that are informed by emotion rather than efficiency will allow you to give and receive love with just as much intensity and authority as you apply to your work. There is so much power in letting your heart take the reins for now.


January 20 — February 18

The Hanged Man

If you find that you’re experiencing more challenges in communication and problem-solving during Mercury retrograde this month, it’s time to get creative in the way you move through the world. Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces on July 11 softens the ego, allowing you the freedom you need to redirect your energy without feeling like you’re compromising. Planets only appear to be moving backwards slowly during retrograde, it’s all relative to where we stand on earth to see it. The Hanged Man isn’t stuck here hanging in the balance, but rather choosing to detach from thoughts and behaviors that are no longer working. This detachment is a revelation, because you’ve surrendered to seeing the world with new eyes instead of letting it swallow you whole. 


February 19 — March 20

Knight of Coins

It’s time to activate hustle mode. When Rihanna, Queen of Pisces, sang “work, work, work”, she meant you. Right now, it’s less about where you’re going and more about how you’re getting there. The Knight of Coins is devoted to the work, and Venus in Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn on July 17 is really going to put a spotlight on anywhere you’re not holding yourself fully accountable for achieving what you want. Are you down to commit to the grind? Approaching your work with a sense of duty will serve you so much more than skating through to get it over with. This isn’t to say you should lock yourself up in a remote cabin in the woods, neglecting everything and everyone you love until you’ve written the next Great American Novel. But forming this work ethic around staying diligent, staying on track for the goal in mind, will create work that you’re proud of and people will respect.

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