Humble Flower Relief Balm

Ben Shmikler

CBD balm. More people should understand just what a magical cure this stuff can be. I’ve written about Humble Flower before, but their products are so impressive I wanted to highlight them again. To recap, this is a high-end weed company founded by two women up in the Emerald Triangle — aka the sweet spot that is Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity Counties — that’s now based in LA.

One founder, Jordan Darian, was already been farming cannabis in the boys club that is Humboldt County when she met the company’s other founder, Thea Wayne. Wayne had a background in business and is also the daughter of a hospice nurse, Jennifer, who eventually became something of an herbal consultant for the brand when it came time to make formulations that didn’t just heal through their concentration of CBD, but inclusion of other plants, too. Humble Flower is not just a woman-owned company, but one that incorporates multi-generational knowledge, and there’s a sweetness to this familial connection that comes through in the products they create.

Aside from their CBD-infused Body Oil — that basically won me over to the wonder of non-THC weed products in the first place — one of the other most potent items in their collection is the Relief Balm. Available in a 1.7 ounce size with 500 MG of CBD ($90) or the .5 ounce size with 200 MG of CBD ($40), this balm packs a punch, again, by using lots of herbal infusions alongside the weed. For those shying away from the higher price point on the balm, be advised, 500 MG is a very intense concentration for topical CBD. The package may be small, but the bang for your buck is very real, and all of the design elements give this product a luxury feel that’s largely missing in the CBD space.

Since one of the most important aspects of CBD is its anti-inflammatory properties, and inflammation of the lungs and chest area is a unfortunately commonplace during the spread of COVID-19, all of these healing balms are suddenly very useful. Today, while texting with another friend who is presumed positive due to her symptoms, her suggestion to use CBD for chest pain set off a lightbulb in me. I’d already tried using Humble Flower products last year when I first discovered the brand, but had tucked the balm away after using it previously for some yoga-induced sore muscles.

Ben Shmikler

Almost immediately upon rubbing a generous slather across my chest, I started to feel some relief from the near constant dull ache that’s descended over the last few weeks. It’s nice to have a topical cream that can provide relief, since Tylenol and other pain relief medicine only seems to go so far with internal inflammation. If you’re using a CBD balm in general, make sure to massage it deeply into the skin, the more it sinks in the more its nourishing properties can actually take effect.

Rubbing it in thoroughly also helps the CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system, or the large network of receptors all over the body that allow it to be absorbed directly through the skin. There’s zero THC in this balm, so no chance of psychoactive reactions or getting high, although they do have a Muscle Balm with THC in it (along with peppermint and ginger) if that’s up your alley. Another common symptom with COVID-19 is severe body aches, and this balm could also be very effective providing relief for that.

The base of the Relief Balm is a combination of organic shea butter, organic carnauba wax (vegetable wax from a Brazilian palm tree), and organic olive oil, so it is completely vegan for those who are mindful of items that use animal products. The balm also includes oil from arnica, another anti-inflammatory plant in the daisy family used to bring down swelling and bruising, and clary sage essential oil, which is a natural anti-depressant often used in aromatherapy and shown to reduce stress, as well as organic lavender and rosemary essential oils. Combined, all these oils make the balm smell pretty heavenly, and imbue it with additional health benefits.

As much as I love Humble Flower for its concentration and the additional herbs, there’s another element of the brand that cuts right through the rest of the CBD topical market — aesthetic. Half of the stuff being sold looks like it’s part of an MLM or belongs next to the root vegetable selection a health food store in Oregon, not appealing in any way aside from effectiveness. It might be a small thing, but the splash of gold leaf inside the balm’s packaging box and the crisp cream and gold colorway is part of what makes it appeal to me. It looks good on my shelf, and I like that. If men can drop hundreds of dollars on sneakers strictly due to aesthetic with a straight face, I think I can do the same with my skincare products, especially the ones that actually have a deeper purpose.

Whether you’re actually dealing with Coronavirus concerns, other sore muscles or body pains, or are just in the mood to give your body a treat, the Relief Balm is to seek out right now. You’d also be supporting a small, local women-owned business with your purchase, and tapping into the power of plants to deal with some of the anxiety and pain that’s spreading in the world of late. And if you’re a non-believer or CBD or think it’s just a placebo effect like I used to, Humble Flower balm might just be the thing to change your mind.

Learn more about Humble Flower here.

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