Ben Shmikler

The guiding principle of Vegamour is as follows: what if, instead of working with synthetic lashes, mascara and brow tints, we focused on improving the ones already growing on and around our eyes? Or at least, that’s how I approach it, since my lashes, brows, and hair, are all still growing healthily. For those who are recovering from over plucking, undergrowth, or other various medical and/or stress-related forms of hair loss, Vegamour can be a total lifesaver. 

So what is Vegamour? It’s a completely vegan formula for hair growth created by Daniel Hodgdon and Christina Zeigler in 2017. Initially billed as Vegalash, the pair quickly realized that expanding their formulas beyond lashes was the ideal way to not only grow their brand, but help more consumers. Hodgdon was the partner with a background in beauty, and specifically clean beauty. Formerly the CEO of Marula by John Paul Selects, he also co-founded Southern Botanica, the world’s largest producer of cold pressed, pharmaceutical-grade marula oil. 

Southern Botanica creates their products with strict fair trade practices, working with only independent female-owned small businesses in Namibia, and remain a primary source of ingredients for Vegamour. In a past life, Zeigler was a controller at places like Harry’s, Gilt Groupe, and Bonobos, but joined with Hodgdon to run the finance and legal side of the new company.

Beginning with their lash formula , the pair worked together to understand the many phases of hair growth, and how the derma papilla can be stimulated and strengthened. The lash serum ($59.95) contains active phytomolecules, along with zinc and biotin, and natural ingredients like red clover and mung bean to open up communication channels between the dermal papilla and hair follicles. Once those channels are in place, the hair grows longer and stronger, and has a stronger foundation, too. All of this is achieved with plant-based peptides and completely vegan ingredients, none of the questionable chemical formulas that other hair growth products often include.

Hodgdon’s background in sourcing marala oil gave him insight into just how effective plant-based formulas are, not just for skin but also for hair and the body’s entire ecosystem. Sick of waiting around for the mainstream American beauty industry to catch up, he opted to create his own product. After beginning with the lashes, Vegamour now brings their plant technology into a brow formula ($59.95) and an advanced brow growth formula with hemp ($78) as an additional ingredient for those looking for dramatic results. The advanced growth formula with hemp oil is now also available for lashes ($78), and for brows the company has begun to offer their own tinted brow gel ($24.95) that works with the brow serum.

Over the last three years, Vegamour has also expanded their formulas into hair loss serums called GRO that come in regular ($40) or advanced ($58) and biotin gummies ($24) or adaptogen powder packs ($58) with ashwagandha, vitamin A and E, biotin, zinc, Fo-Ti, vegan collagen, Hyaluronic acid, amino acids, antioxidant curcumin (from turmeric) and saw palmetto.

As their offerings expand, it’s important to note that when people are undergoing hair loss, it can be one of the darkest and most shameful times for them. Having access to safe, clean, and  relatively affordable products that help combat this nearly universal problem, that’s so tied up in beauty and self-worth, is not something that was readily available even a decade or so ago. It makes me happy that people dealing with this issue on a severe scale can look at Vegamour as an option, and if that’s the case for you, this is a product I highly recommend.

My experience with Vegamour was that it worked almost immediately to make my lashes and brows look longer and fuller. I tried all the serums, and the advanced grow definitely worked even quicker than the original. For me personally, based on timing and laziness, the biotin gummies were the most accessible. I saw immediate results, like literally the next day my lashes felt longer, and the extra step was just adding one more vitamin to my already-established routine. As someone who already has pretty long, full lashes and very thick brows, Vegamour isn’t something that I currently feel the need to use every day, but I will say that it definitely immediately worked, and I’ll probably continue using the gummies before big events or when I just want my lashes to look longer.

More than that, I think it’s inspiring that  Hodgdon and Zeigler left their corporate jobs elsewhere and came together to form this company that’s actually helping people, based in fair trade practices, and using ingredients from the earth to solve a human problem. I’ll definitely be supporting them in the future based just as much on their ethical business principles as how effective the serums were.

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